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Ediss Mold Remediation Launching in South Florida for Water Damage and Mold Restoration

With 15 years of combined experience and expertise as a general contractor for water damage and mold restoration for commercial and residential properties, Ediss Mold Remediation and Restoration is proud to announce the expansion of their service to South Florida that will include the populous Miami metropolitan area and other localities.


As a fully certified restoration company, Ediss Mold Remediation& Restoration is IICRC certified and state licensed specializing in commercial and residential emergencies for water damage, fire damage and mold remediation. Their key services include but not limited to leak detection and prevention, emergency water extraction and dry-out, storm and flood recovery, in addition to supplying you with all of your property restoration needs.


The company’s credentials, training and extensive experience have enabled them to become an industry leader, protecting, recovering & restoring residential and commercial properties.


“Our goal is to guide our clients through a very stressful and very confusing process. People need to have their homes and businesses restored. People feel comfortable having experts like us to help with water damage or mold,” Eli Ben'Nahum said, Ediss’ Certified General Contractor.


“We’re always on the move; our crew is always ready to help you whenever you call. We go above and beyond to fix your mold problems, water/fire damage, and leak repair issues the same day,” he added.


One of the most common causes of mold in residential and commercial properties in South Florida results from water damage. This could result from a broken plumbing pipe, a damaged roof, or any broken appliances that leak. Usually, water damage is not visible to the eye, and it cannot be detected easily without close inspection. It could be inside walls, under floors or under appliances. As a mold remediation and restoration company, Ediss Mold Remediation and Restoration have responded to a lot of home emergencies in which the water damage was not discovered until mold has started showing.


Southern Florida is a very humid and sometimes rainy location. Frequent storms, hurricanes and wind all add up to an environment in which mold in homes in this part of the state can become a major issue.


Since the day Ediss Mold Remediation and Restoration opened for business, the company strived to offer their clients only the best and most effective mold remediation and water damage restoration services that are available. And with the addition of mold testing service, the company can now help even more property owners throughout the South Florida area who have noticed mold growth in their homes or place of business and are wondering if there is a company that offers mold testing and mold removal near them.


By taking the initiative and having your home tested for mold, homeowners can help prevent further damage by preventing additional surfaces from being affected by the mold. South Florida is a very humid place and it does not come as a surprise that mold growth and infestation here is much faster compared to other parts of the country.

To learn more about the company’s scope of services, please check out



Ediss Mold Remediation & Restoration is a fully certified restoration company with over 15 years of combined experience and expertise. We specialize in commercial and residential emergencies for water damage, fire damage and mold remediation.



Eli Ben'Nahum

Certified General Contractor

Ediss Mold Remediation

1502 W Dixie Hwy

Dania, FL 33004

(877) 841-1665

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