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Tripod Turnstiles for Controlling Large Pedestrian Traffic



Tripod turnstiles, also known as baffle gates, are advanced gates that allow only one person to pass at a given time. This is the most effective way to control traffic flow and prevent people from passing through. They are activated automatically when a coin is dropped or a ticket or card is touched to the screen. They are usually used in factories, educational institutions, Metro Train Stations, and other locations.


Tripod turnstiles are designed for access-controlled environments. They scan tickets, passes, cards, tokens, and more automatically. These devices can be customized easily depending on what purpose they are intended for.


These advanced vehicle barriers are considered the best solution for many places, mainly those that have a high pedestrian traffic. These barriers come with a drop arm feature. They allow for free exit in the event of an emergency or power outage.


These devices are used to count and monitor the number of people who pass through a gate. They are used to prevent unwanted objects from entering the premises and help with troubleshooting.


A wide range of tripod turntiles has been created by reputable manufacturers. It combines well-crafted stainless steel cabinets with SS arms. Both safety and appearance are important considerations.


Turnstile Gate can be integrated with Access Control Systems, and many of their key features are listed below. They are simple to use and maintain, and they support anti-tailgating. They have a visual indicator that indicates whether access has been granted or denied. You can search the best manufacturers to find the right product for you and then place an order.


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