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Bestyn App boosting neighborhood connections and providing local businesses..

Businesses looking to grow locally can now depend on the capabilities provided by Bestyn App, a mobile application that is designed to boost connections in the neighborhood. The app has recently released new features through which people in a given neighborhood can connect, as well as being a marketplace that aggregates all local businesses within the area helps match demand with supply.


The app comes with several features including a convenient messenger that allows chatting with the neighbors in an easy and faster way. With this feature, exchange of news, notifying neighbors about important local events, and creation of group chats, which allow discussion in real-time, are enabled.


Users can get involved in local community affairs by distributing information about upcoming events and monitoring those that have been published by their neighbors. “Now all local events starting from charity garage sales to with festivals or sports events are only a single click away”, reads a statement in the app description.


The business model of the app serves a dual purpose: it provides solutions to the potential customers, helping them derive more value from daily needs, and allows local businesses to get more work and sell more products.


For businesses, Bestyn App offers small business support, connecting businesses with their communities. By building personal and long-term relationships with the local community, a small business can display what they are offering to a targeted population. They can sell their inventory quickly, especially when the targeted customers can find out what is available and are informed about new arrivals. Small businesses can develop support through loyalty, building high lifetime value, and more purchase frequency.


“Bestyn exposes the products and/or services of a business to hundreds of interested locals. As a result, Bestyn helps local businesses increase their sales and grow profitability”, said Mariana, the founder of the business model.


Mariana adds that with a business account on Bestyn, users can upload their menus or catalogs, offer discounts, and check their dashboard for analytics. Moreover, Bestyn offers a free space for businesses to publish their job offers and pick the best-suited candidates for their company.


Bestyn makes it convenient to have all the listings of the nearby shops on the application, a feature that gives customers more freedom and options to choose from. "The app encourages a personalized relationship between businesses and customers, and hence, builds the trust of the products,” said Mariana, while adding that the long-term relationships built with Bestyn will lead to more loyalty points and more discounts for regular purchases.


About Bestyn App


Bestyn App is a mobile application designed to help local businesses grow profitability and offer discount opportunities for local communities, through home services, online bulletin boards, communication, event management, and exchange of recommendations. Bestyn App allows neighbors to reconnect, and local businesses with a platform to market themselves.


Media contact info

Mariana Toncu

+1 630-407-7686

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