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Demon in Rubies Virtual Release Party on August 31st 2021

July, 2021 -- is proud to announce the virtual release party Empress Dona Diabla's Demon in Rubies on August 31, 2021.


This 24-hour eBook release party will be hosted on AVN Stars featuring authoress Empress Dona Diabla signing her ebooks, doing financial tarot card readings, virtual seances with Marilyn Monroe's ghost and Eva Peron's ghost, and a session of question and answer for her avid fans.


Demon in Rubies is about an irrepressible trampy erotic horror gleefully immerses itself in debauchery in a suitably slimy tale of a beautiful gold-digger who gets her comeuppance during her wedding night. The result is ripe with gore, cannibalism, domestic tripe, and capitalism culminating in an over-the-top, skin-shredding denouement.


Born Elvira Leon, she has become unique figure amongst American authors as Dona Diabla. She is an erotic horror author who published new American folk tales and fairy tales. Dona Diabla is an Horror & Sci-Fi author, Occultist, Astro linguist, and Adult business woman. Born on July 10, 1985 in Central California, Dona Diabla was the daughter of an working-class Mexican-Turkish American family.


Her interest in the occult, sex, horror, 1960s Sci-Fi, and Victorian horror stories has inspired most of her riveting masterpieces in the novel industry. She started writing erotic horror short stories in, alongside her private diaries, adult industry copywriting, and fairy tales, landing work in the adult industry.


Most of the time, Dona Diabla’s work reflects both her love of the adult industry, occult activities, and fairy tales. At present, she works on several dark fairy tale shorts and billionaire romances to get her readers heart pumping. Dona Diabla is also a Gothic youtuber with a game channel called "DiablaBabydoll".


You can join the virtual release party for a cost of $50.00 and there is a lot of goods and exciting surprises for guests.



Empress Dona Diabla aka Elvira Leon is a 36 year old Horror & Sci-Fi Devotee, Astrolinguist, Billionaire Romance Author, Eva Peron's medium, Marilyn Monroe's Medium, and Horror Erotica short story author. She believes that glamorous spirits are always looking for new friends.



Elvira Leon

CEO of Donadiablasexyworld

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