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Spray and Walk Away: Strut from Stinky Situations

Finally addressing the thing that happens every day but often ignored or feeling shameful for, farting. Yes, boys and gals, you heard it right. A spray from Boobalicious that allows you to actually get the air out of your system, spray and walk away without guilt or shame. Farting is one of the most natural things that we do every day. It is a sign of a healthy digestive track - especially right when you wake up.

Fart, Gas and Methane Love

We’ve seen it in movies and TV shows where men and women feel ashamed for farting when with significant others and friends. A thing that is so natural has become a turn-off because of the odor. Letting gas out is no longer an awkward situation with Spray and Walk Away. The vegan spray is specially formulated to get rid of the foul odor to leave a fresh scent as you walk away.

Boobalicious Does It Again

Boobalicious is the maker of vegan products that address the different body odors that we oftentimes are too embarrassed to address or talk about. Because of our various genetic makeups, we often emit sweat and odor that is not so desirable. But hey, we’re only human. The creator of Boobalicious understood the need to address these issues and came up with different products to help people feel and be more confident with themselves. Spray and Walk Away is the newest addition to their product line.


JoaniDiCampli, owner and creator of Boobalicious, organic and vegan hygiene products, had an epiphany 25 years ago - letting out gas. On a date with an ex, she farted and they had a good laugh about it. However, she vowed that one day she would make a product that would save others from this “embarrassing” situation. 

Turning Loss into Gain

Losing her work in the corporate world nine years ago was a plus for her. While working part-time in retail in the hot summer of 2012, she experienced body odor from profuse sweating under her breasts. This was her lightbulb moment - to make an organic/vegan under breast deodorant and call it Boobalicious. The rest is history. Since then, the company was able to create a variety of hygiene products for different body parts for men and women including Angry Balls, an all-natural powder.


Boobalicious also gives back to the community, to Miracles Do Happen in Delray, Fl., a recovery home for women battling addiction. Her daughter went there and is now seven years sober. Miracles Do Happen is close to Joani and her family because it played a big part in the recovery journeys of her son and daughter. Boobalicious helps by shouldering the rent of those who can’t cover the cost.


Check out Boobalicious products including Spray and Walk Away at or click this link to Etsy

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