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Marty D, the Orange Puppet hits 25m and 30m views respectively on Tiktok and Instagram

Marty D, the Orange Puppet, has broken the internet. The Unprofessional Puppet creation is just enjoying a bowl of cereal, but there is a problem, everyone wants to hit it with objects. It has already hit 25 million views on TikTok and the number of views is still counting. On Instagram, the viewership is even higher - more than 30 million views by the time of this article. The puppet is stealing hearts as fans and followers spare bowls of cereals to hit it.


Marty D stands out, as it is one of the internet crazes where it has broken the record of short videos. Its comedy, the hilarious reactions, and the flying objects which hit him on the face are some of the things that make the Orange Puppet stand out from the rest of the puppets on TikTok and Instagram. For Marty D, being hit with bowls of cereal may be painful but as they say, no pain is no gain; the number of views is the gain. The puppet has found success through all the soccer balls, bottles, garbage cans, and lots of other obstacles.


The choice of name for the creators may be deceiving; Marty D is not an Unprofessional Puppet. The level of success recorded within a short time means that there is a huge professional effort behind the creation of the viral short video. It is rising into the internet stardom and soon could see it hit new highs. The unique approach in the short videos has hit the internet in the last few months, but the idea of a puppet is a new approach where Marty D is setting the pace.


Apart from posting the hilarious content on TikTok, Unprofessional Puppets is also found live on Instagram where live shows are posted every Wednesday in a slot that is called, “the early late show”. From 9pm to 9:30pm EST, his fans can chat live and they are warned to watch out for the flying objects!


More fun and action and of course flying objects about Unprofessional Puppets can be found on the official website:


A visit to the social media pages will give the viewers a snippet of what is coming, as well as the live stream schedules.


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