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UV Protection Shop Launches Long-lasting UV Protection Nano Technology for Car, RV, Boat and A Whole

August 15 – –Nano Silane is a new development in automotive/commercial and industrial care for rubber and a whole range of plastic products.


The new proprietary tire coating for all types of vehicles from UV Protection Shop is applicable on new and used tires or exterior trim. This easy to apply water-based silane coating offers long-term protection of all exterior surfaces regardless of the type of vehicle. It easily adheres chemically even to painted surfaces and plastic, metal, or rubber details, creating a tough defensive coating that helps keep the surface clean and virtually scratch less.


“Modern nano technology helps to keep the value of your vehicle,” UV Protection Shop Manager Ludwig Eckl said.


“I like to attract brand ambassadors for this product. I like to start with each State and connect with people who contract salespeople,” Eckl added.


Sold in 8 fl.oz. bottle, the coated nano particles enable light rays to deflect and bounce off the particles internally in the coating where energy is lost, thus not affecting the rubber or trim by UV. When used on the exterior of the vehicle, the nano particles provide water, oil, dirt, mud and brake dust repellency to tires. It not only protects the rubber from Ultraviolet light degradation but it can also penetrate the rubber and leaves a darkened, new tire look. It can also protect wheels from brake dust adhesion and metal alloy degradation from brake dust. This product is also applicable on hard molded exterior plastic trim.


Water based and non-toxic, this can also be used on hard molded interior plastic and vinyl upholstery as well as plastic trim. The product is Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylate (APEO) and Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylate (NPE) Free in compliance with EU REACH requirements and all product components are listed in the US TSCA.


To know more about the product, you can visit their website by clicking on this link:


To become brand ambassadors, look up Ludwig Eckl at



Ludwig Eckl


Cell +1 (413) 262 5940

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