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Checklists: An overview of important resume tips

Checklists: An overview of important resume tips

So that you don't forget anything when creating a resume, we - professional resume writers - have summarized the most important tips and errors in two checklists. 

  • 1-3 pages long
  • Correct contact details
  • Clear layout
  • Coherent structure
  • Antichronological structure
  • Professional application photo
  • Complete career
  • Concise formulations (keywords)
  • Stations with tasks + successes
  • Relevant knowledge + qualifications
  • Uniform design (cover letter matches)
  • Appropriate design (for industry + profession)
  • Current date + signature

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Resume mistake

With so many details, mistakes are bound to be made in a resume use edit resume online to check yourself. These include, for example, a recognisably recycled resume in the application (bulk goods!), Careless mistakes or chronological errors in the sequence of the information. Such faux pas' often maneuver applicants out of bounds. You should absolutely avoid the following mistakes:


Content error


  • False statements, lies
  • spelling mistake
  • Mention of parents or siblings
  • Cryptic job titles
  • No evidence of knowledge
  • Successes without numbers or examples
  • Exaggerated language skills
  • Wrong order of information
  • Dangerous hobbies

Layout error

  • Bulk goods (copied template)
  • Chaotic structure
  • Cluttered, outdated design
  • Dubious application photo
  • Too much text
  • Too many fonts or sizes
  • Style breaks (inconsistent)
  • More than 3 pages

TIP: Always have someone else proofread your application (cv editing service) and also use the spell check on the computer. With programs such as MS Office, you can easily activate the automatic checking of spelling and grammar in the "Tools" menu.


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Emili Rose (emilirose)

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