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Remint hits 50,000 users a few months after launch

Remint, a real estate cryptocurrency mining app, has reached over 50k users just three months after its launch.


Remint is a cryptocurrency mobile app that is in its early stages. It is currently in phase 1, will go into phase 2 next year, and phase 3in 2023.In the first stage, users can only mine altcoins and join the community. The mined coins will be used for real estate transactions in the future and /or investing in various kinds of real estate projects with a great return on investment. Users will be able to withdraw the mined coins when the app gets into phase 2, and an investment period will begin after the withdrawal period. The app is currently available on Android and will be launched on iOS soon.


The cryptocurrency mining app focuses on the real estate market. Users will be able to buy/rent/sell/rent out properties with Remint as the currency. The app will also offer various kinds of real estate investments through Remint. “Users will be able to invest in real estate projects and get a great ROI from it”, said Max Hellstrom, the founder of Remint.


“Our initial launch was successful, gaining over 50,000 new users in the first three months”, said Hellstrom, while adding that the first phase of their cryptocurrency mining app has been very successful. He stated that they are looking forward to the second and third phases where the users will be able to mine the coins.


"We can see a steady growth when it comes to crypto mining apps and it is not hard to understand the reasoning behind it. More and more people realize the benefits with decentralized currencies, especially when combined with real estate", said co-founder Anton Broman.


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Remintapp is a cloud-based crypto mining app that focuses on the real estate market, where it aims at making it possible for the cryptocurrency community to buy/rent/sell/rent out properties with Remint as a real estate currency. Max Hellstrom and Anton Broman, who both are banking and finance professionals with extensive experience in the industry, created the app. Although both founders are from Sweden, Stockholm, the company is based in London, U.K.


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