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How to choose the right Lingerie



Lingerie is a kind of sexy clothing, women wear it to have confidence in themselves, but also for romantic purposes. There are many types of women's underwear on the market for women to use for various purposes. From light sleep underwear to full-covering comfortable underwear, you can choose from a wide range of options. There are many options From wholesale  lingerie to retail. Below is a guide to buying the best underwear for your body type and size.


  1. Choose the right bra

The bra is the main component of underwear. You must choose the wholesale maxi dresses correct bra size, because the wrong size can give you a terrible experience. It may also cause your body to feel uncomfortable. However, finding the right bra that fits perfectly can be challenging. The following tips can make it easier;


A sort of. Know your size


The first thing you need to do is to determine wholesale women's' jumpsuits rompers which size is right. To determine this, you must take some measurements. Start with the cup size. The cup is the part of the bra that covers the breast. To determine the right cup size, you can ask the waiter in the underwear shop for help.


You can also measure the fullest part of the breast at the nipple level. You also need to determine the size of your band. You only need to use wholesale two piece sets a tape measure to measure the area from the bottom of the chest to around the back to determine the appropriate strap size.


Decide on the bra style

There are about seven bra styles on the market. When choosing the right bra, you need to analyze the different bra types and which is best for your body. To determine the best bra style for you, you also need to consider the shape of your breasts. For example, for East-West and bell-shaped breasts, a T-shirt bra style is ideal, while for round breasts, any size is fine.


  1. Choose the right bottom


The other part of the underwear is the panties or bottom. When choosing the right underwear, you need to determine which type is best for you. For this, you need to research various types of women's underwear.


For example, there are such things as boy shorts, grandma's underwear and so on. Most underwear has thongs. Even if you still have to determine the types of things you will be satisfied with. There is no limit to the types of underwear you can wear. This means that the choice you make depends entirely on your comfort and choice style.


The evolution of the underwear industry

For a long time, the underwear industry only catered to young women. However, with society’s strong protests against the inclusiveness of the fashion industry, the market currently caters to all women. Now more and more designers are adding large-size designs to their underwear series.


in conclusion

As more and more designers are designing products for large-size women, the market is full of various products for you to choose from. However, if you want to make the best choice, you still have to consider the above tips.

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内衣是一种性感的服装,女性穿它是为了对自己有信心,也是为了浪漫。市场上有许多类型的女性内衣供女性用于各种目的。从轻薄的睡眠内衣到全覆盖的舒适内衣,您可以从多种选择中进行选择。批发内衣 到零售,有很多选择 以下是购买适合您体型和尺寸的最佳内衣的指南。


  1. 选择合适的胸罩

文胸是内衣的主要组成部分。你必须选择thewholesale马克西礼服 文胸尺码正确的,因为尺寸不合适可以给你一个可怕的经历。它也可能导致您的身体感到不舒服。然而,找到完美合身的文胸可能具有挑战性。以下提示可以使它变得更容易;




您需要做的第一件事是确定 尺寸合适的女式连身裤批发要确定这一点,您必须进行一些测量。从罩杯尺寸开始。罩杯是胸罩上覆盖乳房的部分。要确定合适的罩杯尺寸,可以请内衣店的服务员帮忙。


您还可以在乳头水平测量乳房最丰满的部分。您还需要确定乐队的大小。您只需要使用批发两件套 的卷尺测量从胸部底部到背部周围的区域,以确定合适的肩带尺寸。





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