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Broken? A book that will heal untouched wounds is now available at Amazon

"Broken: Untouched Wounds” by Tasha Waller, an author of ten books who seeks to inspire readers to overcome life challenges, is now available at Amazon.


Untouched Wounds


The book seeks to help those that have wounds they have not touched upon and need to address to release before beginning their healing process. It addresses brokenness as “wounds that have not been touched, ”a sword within the heart and mind,” and as “traumas that need to be healed.” Waller adds that people with untouched wounds cannot be completely at peace in their soul or set free from daily struggles and the trauma they sustained until they face these wounds.


In the book, Tasha Waller recognizes that most people have wounds that have not been touched whether they are emotional, spiritual, physical or deeply traumatized soul wounds.


Some of these wounds were sustained during the childhood stages, some were during adolescent years and some even in in the years of adulthood. These wounds are just bandaged, as Waller puts it, and have not been faced head on with courage. Most people believe these wounds will just heal and go away all by themselves—that one day they will wake up and find that it was all just a bad dream. With some of these wounds being so deep-rooted, it is hard to get to them. As a result, people look for ways to heal themselves, which is sometimes beyond their capabilities. Waller says that the healing process requires more than an individual effort, there must be an intervention of a supernatural being. The supernatural healing, in her opinion, can only happen through Jesus Christ where by his stripes one is healed.


Other books in her name include: The Rebirth of Whitney Houston, The Cardiologist, The Unspoken Fetus, and Rise Up among others.


The book is available at


About the author


Tasha Waller was a preschool and elementary school teacher for 12 years before she became a writer. She graduated with an associate degree in Early Childhood Education in 2010. Her writings span the non-fiction and religious genres. Writing is her passion, and so far, she has written 10 books. Waller is also a motivational speaker and hosts a podcast called The Electricity Box. As a motivational speaker, she helps individuals shift their mindset on fear, shame, and disbelief by sharing her personal testimonies of growing up with challenges such as low self esteem, child abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, and single parenting. As a philanthropist, Waller strongly believes in giving back to her community through serving others. She has founded a charity organization through which she gives back to her community.


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