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Sticks and Stones Introduces Its Stick Men NFT Series Mirroring Political and Real-Life Hypocrisies

August, 2021 ––Sticks and Stones will auction off a series of non-fungible tokens (NFT) mirroring the current political issues and real-life double standards and other contemporary issues but with a lighter tone. This is a unique artist representation made available on the block chain for interested NFT aficionados.


The NFT collection series is a series of stickmen mimicking political or real-life hypocrisies. It's a cross between serious issues vs. stick men to lighten the topic. It's rudimentary in the design, but if you closely look at it, there are deeper, fundamental human and political issues that are motivating.


NFTs or non-fungible tokens can be best understood as unique digital assets. These NFTs often exist in a wide variety of industries ranging from digital art and virtual real estate to collectible series, gaming art and a whole lot more. In this case, a stickmen series that tackles key political issues that are happening right now.


“I have suffered from depression since I was sixteen years old. I didn't understand where the sadness was coming from, so my dad encouraged me to draw. The things I would draw would be stick men that would be in pain. I used stick men because it felt like the pain in the world was less real if it was two dimensional,” shared the artist.


The Stickmen series is a preliminary collection made up of original artwork that buyers can reproduce into anything marketable whether it’s a t-shirt, art, canvas art, custom mugs or whatever they wish to use it for. Given the current political and contemporary issues we are facing right now, the artwork is highly provocative and will make you think about it under the guide of stick men/women.


“These are original edition, and I am sharing my thoughts with the world. I hope this artwork will provoke thoughts, create change, bring empathy, and help heal the pain in this world,” the artist said.


“I would draw over the years and now sharing my collection with the world. I have added digital pieces to update my current pieces and some of my older collection has been altered with digital to reflect the current times,” the artist added.


Essentially, almost all types of media can be tokenized or minted and made into an NFT from contemporary art to trading cards, popular memes, GIFS, original video clips and audio clips, tweets, and almost anything. The stickmen collection is now available in the block chain and can be bought, sold and traded using cryptocurrency.


To learn more about the stickmen collection series, you can visit Sticks and Stones at

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