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Electricians Auckland - What Their Work Includes


An electrician can do many things in the home or in commercial buildings to make sure that the electrical system is safe and compliant with building regulations. The British Standards are also used by electricians.

Certification & Testing

An electrician must ensure that all electrical installations in a home or business are safe. An electrician should conduct electrical testing at the specified times. This depends on the property being tested. An electrician will inspect the installation for signs of deterioration, as well as any necessary new work.


The British Standard BS7671 should be used by Electricians Auckland to test and certify electric work. To ensure electrical safety on your property, BS7671.2001 is constantly being updated. Your electrician will inform you about any additional British Standards that may apply to your electrical installation. Only electricians should follow the regulations.


The latest regulations impacting both commercial and domestic properties are constantly taught to electricians. There are many training centers available in the UK that can assist electricians with testing, certification, and other electrical needs. The certificates that electricians receive will be issued by one of the awarding organizations, such as the NICEIC or Elecsa, Napit, Elecsa, Elecsa or Select, depending on which electrician they choose.

Rewires & Wiring

Many homeowners take electricity as a given. An electrician may be needed to replace wiring in older homes. It's easy to forget that over time, the wiring in your property can become outdated. This will be necessary for safety reasons. Rewiring is done by electricians primarily for safety. Old wiring can lead to fires or electrical shocks. Here are some reasons you might need to rewire.


To ensure you have the best solution, electricians can offer a lot of assistance with rewiring. To show you where the electricity is at your home, electricians can provide domestic electrical reports. This will reveal any electrical problems. This check should be done at least once every ten years, according to electricians.

Fuesbox/Fuseboard Upgrades

To improve the safety of your electrics, electricians should offer fuseboard upgrades. The new fuseboards can be equipped with a variety of electrical safety devices, including RCD's MCB's, RCBO's, and MCB's. New fuseboards can be offered as part of a renovation to improve the safety of your home. These services include wiring extensions and new properties. Qualified electricians will inspect and certify any electrical work that electricians do in these areas. This certification will also be in compliance with the British Safety Standard BS7671.2001.

Lighting Installations


An electrician should install lights in all situations, commercial or residential. An electrician can help you improve the interior and exterior of your home by installing the right lighting fixtures. Security lighting is important and electricians can help you find solutions. Lighting that enhances the exterior appearance of a property is also a popular choice. Electricians can install outdoor lighting, such as garden lights.


The vast experience of electricians in domestic lighting will help you find the right solution for your home. The electrician will work with you to plan and install the lighting system.

Installation of Security Systems

Electricians can design security systems for commercial and residential properties to meet your needs. Costs and complexity can vary depending on the specification. An experienced and qualified electrician can help you find a solution that suits your needs and preferences. Get more info about Electricians West Auckland, Visit here:


Even the simplest intruder alarms can help you secure your home. However, electricians will install more costly intruder alarms. Fully monitored alarm systems can be installed to deter burglars. Monitored alarms can be set up to notify the police if there is a break in and provide fire safety options for certain situations.

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