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Shop Online for the Best Home Fitness Equipment

One of those pulley weight machines was one that I owned. It was a good quality machine that cost me several thousand dollars. It was $150 when I sold it to eBay last year.


Now, I can use less expensive equipment to get better results. You can either train outside or in front of your TV. You can train in your living room while you watch the children. Or, I can take everything with me to the park so that I can train in a different environment. I no longer have to stay in my study. The results are amazing, as I mentioned. What do you recommend?


First, I recommend that you get a set of adjustable China dumbbells supplier. These are the ones that allow you to add or subtract weight plates as needed. Actually, I have two sets. One set I keep very heavy for leg exercises, and one that I can change around depending on the exercises I'm doing. They will be the most expensive, but they will be used over and over again. You can use them in many ways and they are great for working your entire body. A set of dumbbells can do almost any exercise.


My medicine balls are another piece of equipment that I use often. There are many ways medicine balls can be used. They are available at sporting goods shops and online for a very low price. I have a 4kg and a 6kg version. These are used in all sessions with my Personal Training clients as well as Boot camps. These are wonderful for either solo or with a partner.


A step is one of my favorite pieces of equipment. A friend built me one using some wood he had lying around. It measures approximately 12 inches in height, width and length and is about 4 feet long. It can be climbed up or down by clients who can each take turns on one end. It's amazing how much easier they can work together. This step can be combined with dumbbells and the medicine ball to do step ups, sideways steps ups, lunging off the box, onto the box, or even sideways dips. You can jump on the box, or use it for push-ups. You can either use your hands to make them more manageable or your feet to make them more difficult. It can be used as a bench and clients who find it difficult to stand up or down on the ground can do ab exercises. A step can be a great way to improve your fitness.


The skipping rope is another inexpensive piece of equipment. The uses are obvious, and it's not difficult to learn if you don't try it often enough. Jump rope is a great way to improve your fitness and help you lose weight.


You can also add other items to your home gym setup. You can also include yoga mats and resistance bands that are great for traveling. Although kettlebells can be a wonderful item, they can also be very expensive so make sure to shop around. There are many sellers online. They are a favorite in my training sessions, and they are also a big hit with my clients. You can use kettlebells for strength, endurance, or fat loss. They work great. Visit our website here:


These are just a few of the many inexpensive ways you can equip your home gym. Do not be deceived into believing that you need a pin loaded weight machine. My clients and I have had amazing results without them.

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