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New neuro-based movement studio opens in Little Rock, AR

Sophie Tabak, a מeuro-נased Pilates and Movement teacher, has opened a new studio in Little Rock, AR. Sophie has extensive training and holds several licenses and certifications in Pilates, massage and bodywork, functionally applied movement neurology, and neural reset therapy. She works with clients who need help with rehabilitation from injury, chronic pain, or those who just need individualized work with a Pilates teacher. She also integrates vision training and balance training within the sessions, providing a tailored and unique experience to the client.


For Sophie, Little Rock is not just any other place; it is home. She is returning to where she grew up. She now wants to be close to family and provide the residents of Little Rock and beyond with a service that will improve their quality of living. Her studio is like no other in the area; she is providing a truly holistic approach where she is integrating vision and balance training within the session. Such a combination, says Sophie, helps people move and feel better. The approach used by Sophie’s new studio can reduce pain, making the patient stronger and more flexible, and provides the client with tools to be own health advocate.


Sophie feels strongly that clients should be empowered to take their health and wellbeing into their own hands. She provides each client with exercises and drills specific to them, to help them achieve their movement goals.


Client’s who have sought Sophie’s services had this to say about her –


“Sophie is an extraordinarily competent professional. Her knowledge of neurology surpasses that of many clinicians I have ever encountered,” said one of the clients, who revealed that when she developed persistent vertigo and vestibular rehabilitation, Sophie was better able to pinpoint the issue and develop exercises that helped all of the neurological functions of balance as well as hearing. The client continues saying that Sophie really understands how things work and how to train the brain to function better and overcome disturbances. “After 2 months of feeling dizzy, off-balance, the room spinning and a hangover headache from vertigo, in just a few weeks, I was normal again”, says the client, while calling those who have neurological issues should not hesitate to seek assistance from the neuro-based Pilates and Movement teacher. “She is gifted and can help you. I highly recommend working with Sophie”, adds the client.


Another client who reveals that Sophie has been helping her had this to say. “Her work is so beneficial and helped turn back the clock on my golf game! I am grateful that she helps keep me in shape to do the things I love.”


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About MVMT Place


Sophie Tabak, who is a certified Master Practitioner for neuro-centric movement training, founded MVMT Place in 2021. She holds a master-level certification in Neural Reset Therapy, a form of bodywork to reduce pain and improve range of motion. Sophie is the first and only fully certified Z-Health Master Practitioner and NRT therapist in the state of Arkansas.


Sophie has spent many years in the health and wellness industry, constantly learning more to better serve her clients. She is constantly studying, staying on top of the most up-to-date research. Sophie has helped a wide variety of clients- ranging from those wanting to get stronger or wanting to improve mobility and flexibility, to people struggling with chronic pain, and even professional athletes.


Sophie stands out in the industry by utilizing her knowledge of movement neurology, massage/bodywork, and Pilates-based movement within her sessions.


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Sophie Tabak, Owner


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