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Amazon sellers using Sorftime to Analyze Market

Amazon sellers looking to sell their product quickly, avoid risks, and rapidly achieve profitability for their business can now depend on Sorftime, to analyze the market. Sorftime is a tool that provides standard product research, market data analytic plugin for Amazon sellers. It is helping worldwide Amazon sellers pick the right direction, run the business efficiently and grab traffic. Sorftime quickly generates market reports based on big data intelligent algorithms. Through these reports, we can quickly understand the market monopoly, whether there are big sellers or big brands, the number of reviews, review ratings, competitive product pricing strategies and other core elements to help sellers quickly assess market risks.


“Sorftime is not just a tool for efficiency. We provide Amazon data analysis and selection practical methodology”, says the company representative, while outlining the benefits of using the Amazon product research tool.


Sorftime is a product research software widely used by Amazon sellers around the world. The big data product research tool supports 12 major Amazon sites data with more than 80,000 plus customers in 39 countries and regions. The data is updated in real-time within 6-8 hours to improve the efficiency of data collection, statistics, sorting, analysis, and decision-making for the entire Amazon seller group market research.


Using big data intelligent algorithms, the product research tool is a high-quality operational selection tool that provides intuitive reports allowing the sellers to understand the market risks and opportunities. With such data, they can shield risks and achieve profitability.


“Choosing Amazon products should not be difficult; Sorftime can help you all through. The professional Amazon marketing competitive environment analysis is a big data product research too”, said a seller who has used the tool, adding that sellers can avoid risks, lower the costs and shorten the investment cycle using this tool.


The Sorftime mini app


Early this year, the Sorftime mini-app was launched, breaking traditional thinking and opening up product research using random presentations. So far, Sorftime has managed to get 3600k plus Asins Software updates daily, 40 months of Big Data representing true Amazon Market, 100k plus paid customers using Sorftime for Amazon, 120 times plus seller summits, and 300k plus Amazon seller product finding techniques, among others.


About Sorftime


Sorftime is a global online data solution provider committed to providing global Amazon sellers with objective data from various marketplaces to improve the efficiency of the whole Amazon marketplace’s data collection, statistics, sorting, and analysis.


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