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What is grind and how to get the most out of it

Poker grinders are those players who are able to win back impressive distances. Of course, playing for hours on end and staying focused is not an easy task, so only experienced poker players can truly grind effectively.

Yes, there are plenty of regulars who choose rooms with good rakeback for active play. In this case, it is quite enough "not to swim" after exhausting sessions, to play huge distances on the machine and you can already count on tangible profits. However, this approach is associated with a lot of risks, because drawdowns when playing on autopilot can be significant. In this case, you cannot do without a strong bankroll and nerves of steel.



There are two main categories of cash grinders depending on the type of the game.

Fans of live games
If we talk about grinders who prefer real poker tables in a casino to virtual space, then they can be safely called the most severe. After all, spending a huge number of hours in a live game is much more difficult than doing it in front of a monitor.

The skill of folding all hands for an hour, or even more, has been worked out to perfection. Patience and composure are essential in these conditions. The task of such a player is to try to avoid ambiguous spots against regulars and concentrate on adjusting to weak opponents, who bring the main profit.

Lovers of playing cash online
Unlike cash players who spend their time playing live in a casino, online grinders are able to play much more impressive distances. This is not surprising, because playing online, you can increase the number of tables played.

Players in this category have no problems with discipline and perseverance. In terms of emotional control, too, problems often arise, tilting and playing a huge number of hours will be too destructive for a bankroll.

Distance and its meaning

Usually grinders concentrate on high volumes of the game, realizing the fact that this will have a significant impact on their winrate. Playing a large number of tables, and devoting more than 6 hours a day to this occupation, the game begins to be based on making default decisions. The fewer complex decisions you have to solve at the tables, the easier it is.

In pursuit of distance, there is less and less time left to think about the optimal solution in a particular spot. This cannot but affect the win rate for the worse, however, due to the large number of hands played per unit of time, the dollar per hour remains acceptable.

Of course, ideally, any grinder strives to maintain a high level of play during long sessions, but this mission is far from the easiest. The introduction of such a format as Zoom has greatly simplified this task because with it it has become easier to concentrate on difficult spots without being distracted by a large number of tables. The fast format also has its drawbacks, but this is a topic for a separate article.

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