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Tasket VA Services Merges with Contentellect Marketing Agency

Tasket VA Services joined forces with Contentellect Marketing Agency to scale up the services offered. Merging with the digital marketing enterprise widens the reach to provide more people with VA and digital marketing services; prevent overlapping and streamline operations. The merger will benefit both entities and their customers.


“The timing to bring the two companies together was perfect. [...] as Tasket began to grow it became evident that the overlap between the two services, particularly the content writing service, was significant. “-Mark Whitman, Tasket Founder


Why did the Merger Happen?


Mark Whitman, founder, and CEO of Tasket and Contentellect, managed the two enterprises; but as Tasket began to grow exponentially including VA services and content writing, there was an overlap with services at Contentellect. It was also a matter of timing because Contentellect underwent a management shake-up and exit of its Managing Director. Rather than keeping them separate, it was more convenient to combine the two, for further expansion, operational efficiency, and customer reach.


It was a swift six-week period transition, merging teams, clients, front-end sales, and the operation process, part of which organized documentation utilizing Slite, and Slack as the communication platform. During this period, they were also able to integrate their online presence.


“I feel Contentellect is positioned well to become a leading content marketing agency. We’re poised for significant growth as we go into Quarter 4 of 2021 and beyond.”


The Impact of the Merger


As of this writing, the merger has shown a positive impact with an increase in talents to 79 people, and a monthly recurring revenue increase of $15,000.00, up from $20,000 to $35,000. The largest revenue was $60,000 in sales. Services expanded to include content writing services, link building, HARO outreach, social media marketing, and VA services. Writing also broadened to bulk content campaigns, eBooks, and e-commerce product descriptions.


The combination of Tasket and Contentellectis projected to lead leads to exponential growth, with the team in place and a re-energized culture.


“I'm excited to lead the team into the next chapter of Contentellect's story.”


About Contentellect


Content is king, and Contentellect takes digital marketing seriously with content front and center. As entrepreneurs, they have the advantage to test-drive digital marketing models and prove how they work sans their case studies. At their core is the belief that a content marketing agency must be serious in delivering high-quality content and links for SEO and sales conversion.


Media Contact:

Kayla Gallocher

Head of Business Development


Mark Whitman

Founder & CEO

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