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How to play as a sniper in CS: GO

Creation date: Sep 30, 2021 11:12pm     Last modified date: Sep 30, 2021 11:12pm   Last visit date: May 25, 2023 9:12pm
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Sep 30, 2021  ( 1 post )  
Steffen Lehrer (steffen1lehrer11): edited 10/8/2021 4:14am

Each professional team has a player who is assigned the role of a sniper. All well-known teams in the Counter-Strike:Global Offensive discipline try to educate or lure into their team an experienced shooter who can make a good impact in the game using AWP. A good avaper is able to set the course of the game and make key frags for his team.

In addition to AWP, there are other sniper rifles in the game, but they are given a secondary role in the game. So, AWP is the main working tool of a sniper. Now we will try to tell you in more detail how to handle this type of weapon.


AWP - sniper working tool
Accuracy International L96A1 / Arctic Warfare British-made sniper rifle, released in the mid-1980s, the game contains a modification of the rifle for the police and special forces, which bears the laconic name AWP. In the default form, it has a stock and a butt, made in a dark green color. However, with the help of a variety of skins, you can give it a look to your liking. You can get these skins on the csbet website.

The rifle magazine has 10 rounds, which is quite enough to destroy the entire enemy team without changing the magazine. For prodigal shooters, there is an additional 30 rounds in stock. The main advantage of this weapon is its huge damage. One shot from the AWP is usually enough to send the enemy to another world.

Another plus is the excellent accuracy of this rifle when shooting through a telescopic sight, especially at long distances. The disadvantages include a long recharge time, high cost and heavy weight, which drastically reduces the mobility of the avaper.


Let's take a brief look at the important points on which the game of a good awaper is built

1) Train your accuracy. It sounds logical - a high-quality player with a WUA must quickly and accurately aim at the enemy and hang up a frag. Remember the rule - one shot, one kill. Otherwise, it can become easy prey for the enemy at the moment when it is reloading - the AWP has a long process of sending the cartridge into the chamber.

In case of a miss, try to quickly switch to the knife and step back into the fall position. For training in accuracy, maps from the workshop will help you. For example aim_botz, training_aim_csgo and aimtraindriving

2) Positioning. Study each map you play carefully. Each of them has classic positions that have long been used by top snipers for shooting. Try to be in deep positions, taking advantage of the telescopic sight and range. When working with a team, don't be on the rampage, your task is to give accurate frags from afar.

3) Study the economics of the game. The AWP is a fairly expensive weapon that costs $ 4750. Learn to quickly figure out in your mind whether you have enough money to buy an AWP, body armor, a non-default pistol, grenades and whales (if you play for a special forces team). Losing a WUA hits the team's budget a lot, so feel free to discuss your purchase with your teammates.

4) Use additional weapons. The pistol is the best friend of a sniper, driven to a dead end! Switch to the pistol when there is no time to reload the AWP, and the enemy is already right in front of you. In close combat, the AWP is clumsy, so it makes sense to throw it behind your back and deal with your opponent with a pistol. Especially if the enemy is already smudged. As you can imagine, in addition to the sniper rifle, it makes sense to train also pistol shooting. If you have enough money, you can replace the default pistol with a CZ75-Auto or Desert Eagle.

5) Follow the game of professional esports players. You can learn sniping by watching the game of legendary Awapers like Sasha S1mple Kostylev or Kenny "kennyS" Shrab. Perhaps you already have your own idols. Try to disassemble their game by watching replays and try to understand every move from the sniper.

We hope that our tips will help you increase your sniper skill!