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Historical Thanks giving Gift Representing 2M+ Women Veterans

A symbolic umbrella gift has been sent to Vice President Kamala Harris at the White House to get there by Thanksgiving. The historical Thanksgiving gift was created and sent to represent our 2M+ women veterans. The vice president gift was an effort of several veterans led by AMOR umbrella. AMOR umbrella is a service agency for transitional veterans; the company was founded by Niurka Castaneda, a US Army veteran. The AMOR Umbrella line of merchandise help raise funds and defray the cost of these programs.


Niurka Castaneda is a seasoned and sought-after veteran with 25+ years of military logistics experience and is now a business owner and motivational speaker. She is changing the world and helping fellow veterans by leveraging her GI bill and degrees to help other vets. Through established initiatives actively supporting veterans and their families and being a veteran's voice through the media, she is helping other veterans develop and succeed in business.


While revealing this, the AMOR umbrella founder Niurka Castaneda said the gift was sent close to Thanksgiving because it is an original American holiday that is all about giving thanks. "The gift is rich in cultural diversity and history representing our land and our veteran women by AMOR umbrella, a veteran, and women-owned small business," said Castaneda.


While explaining the genesis of the gift idea for the vice president, Castaneda said that earlier this year, a veteran suggested they send a signed umbrella to represent veteran women to the White House. Castaneda says they took the challenge and embarked on almost a year-long journey to make it happen.


The color theme of the gift is purple to represent all the veteran women who have served in the US military. Additionally, the different cultural components represent the diversity that is reflected in the veteran women population.


The gift included:

  • A handwritten note explaining what was included in the gift
  • Heart-shaped umbrella signed by women veterans across the nation
  • Traveling case handcrafted in the USA by another veteran
  • Furoshiki wrap specially designed to be worn as a shawl
  • Handcrafted storage pouch for the shawl
  • Lavender sachet
  • Photo journal illustrating our journey
  • Origami set (greeting cards)
  • Custom wooden military tags made by another veteran


The gift is a way to start the conversation of the unique issues affecting the 2M+ veteran women that have served, representing 10% of the veteran women population.

While acknowledging the efforts of her fellow veterans, Maria Bright, a Proud US Army Veteran, said, "A Band of Sisters is what you have for life whether in uniform or civilian. It's a community like no other. Proud to have served this great country of ours and thanking each and every service member for all that you have done and continue to do. God bless you all."


Explaining how she transitioned from military to entrepreneurship, Castaneda says she is committed to helping fellow veterans start and run businesses successfully.

"Entrepreneurship was my way to find a new identity after transitioning from the military. It was a defining moment because it unleashed my imagination. My education combined with my military skills and 20+ years in the field of logistics, in addition to personal life experiences, the memories created from the places I visited while serving and the dreams of future travels, sparked the idea of creating my company AMOR umbrella, which once upon a time started as a class project at a Global Supply Chain Program at Miami Dade College and quickly became a life-changing endeavor that ignited an entrepreneurial spirit and a journey of creativity, problem-solving, personal empowerment, constant innovation, and evolution," said Castaneda adding that she can be reached through her website


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Media contact info

Niurka Castaneda

US Army veteran & Founder of AMOR Umbrella


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