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Low-income ADHA/ADD Clinic Opening in California, Run and Operated by an Expert Mental Health..

Los Alamitos, CA: Applied Innovative Psychiatry (AIP) today launched a new clinic to provide affordable psychiatric services for low-income people affected by ADD or ADHD. Anyone above the age of 12 is welcome to come for an evaluation at an affordable rate in California.


"Due to the pandemic, children and families have been struggling to find affordable mental health providers that can provide top-notch services. During COVID-19, I was working as a Travel Nurse. I went all over the place and found no structure for psychiatric treatment. I found myself wondering what my purpose is during this pandemic," said Marissa Cascio. "It was then I realized my purpose in life is to spread mental health awareness and help patients with psychiatric issues. I'm here, so let me help you."


Parents who struggle to gain their kids' attention and find that home-schooling isn't working will benefit from their services. Likewise, people whose jobs are suffering because of poor time management or chronic procrastination and can't hold down relationships with friends and families will recover at AIP.


AIP recognizes that an individual’s needs differ from one patient to the next, so they strive to provide a personalized and relaxed mental healthcare experience with research-informed care. All of their doctors respond to calls promptly.


People at AIP want individuals and families to know that they are in good hands during this difficult time. They hope to cultivate an atmosphere of trust so that together, they can build a unique plan to help others recover from ADD or ADHD using the safe and secure treatment and give them hope for a better future.


If you or someone you know is hurting or having trouble, please call their office at 562-431-9999 or email them:


For more information on AIP services, visit


About Applied Innovative Psychiatry:


AIP was founded in 2006 to treat emotional and behavioral issues through psychiatric medicine while leading scientific research to expand their understanding of psychiatry.

Marissa Cascio B.S., R.N, has earned a B.S. degree in Nutrition with a minor in Chemistry from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and then got her nursing degree from the University of Rochester.


Marissa was a member of the Delta Espilon Iota Academic Honor Society and has worked in various clinical nursing settings within Level I trauma centers, including the University of Southern California Keck Medical Center.


Contact Us:

Contact Name: Marissa Cascio RN
Phone: 562-431-9999

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