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iBentoy Opens its One-Stop Kawaii Shop for Global Consumers

iBentoy is planning to take the world by storm, thanks to the success of their online Kawaii Shop (Cute Shop). The Kawaii store offers a wide range of stylish and funky accessories, gift items, home decors, and more—all focused on spreading Chinese culture and cuteness worldwide.


Currently, iBentoy is celebrating Hot Sale Month and offers 15% discount on Washi tapes and stickers to make New Year enjoyable for everyone. Moreover, customers can buy two products, to which the second item is at 50% less!  


Customers will find comfort in their positive Kawaii world, where there is always something for everyone.


The Kawaii stationery supplies will definitely heal anyone's heart. You will feel your aura and mood elevating like never before with their Transparent Writing Phone Holder, Warm Book Mark, Celestial Observation Series Sticky Notes, and Bunny's Life Mini Note Book.


If you are looking for cute protective phone cases for your iPhone against any incoming drops, then check out the Kawaii  Cartoon Balloon Dumbo Phone case, Colorful Flower Phone case, and Space Duck Phone Case!  


Leave a little sparkle everywhere you go with their cute line of beauty products: Cute Pique Bear Lipstick, Velvet Cream Texture Eyeshadow, and Vrystal Diamond Nail Sticker.


"Kawaii" themed products will add joy and excitement to the best of your days with their Puppy Acrylic Pendant Keychain, New Thicken Cartoon Carpet, Puppy Plush Chain Bag, and To Sing Elephant & Dog, keeping you entertained.


"We create positive, light-hearted art that is adorable and can make people smile. This store has always been a home of love, which makes us happy that so many customers keep coming back and recommending the products we create and sell to friends," said the founder of iBentoy. "Our goal is to continue to provide lovely products in the next few years. We hope to see more and more product choices from new vendors we can proudly recommend."


iBentoy offers free shipping to customers worldwide if they buy products worth 30 USD above and receive them within 3-7 days! The Kawaii shop also provides a 14-day refund option as customer satisfaction is their top priority.


For more information on iBentoy, visit




IBentoy is an online boutique that caters to the legions of fans across Asia and abroad who are passionate about all things cute, adorable, and uniquely designed. They make various products featuring animals, lollipop girls, and playful patterns, which the characteristics and designs are inspired by their love for Chinese culture.


The online Kawaii store was founded in 2018 and offered handmade products only. After establishing itself as something worth investing in, the store has since grown and now offers a wide range of high-quality goods for its customers to select from.


When life gets you down, iBentoy Kawaii products will help you get through the everyday hustle by surrounding you with things that are lovable, colorful, and exciting! 


Contact Us:

Organization Name: iBentoy
Phone Number: +1 (330) 822-3987



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