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Upcoming NFT Project: Bangsta Bears

Bangsta Bears will be launching 4,750 Gang Bangin’ Bears on the Solana Blockchain with a mint price of 0.39 SOL. NFT lovers can start minting these Bangsta Bears on January 28th at 5 pm EST from In addition, the Bangsta team is ready to assist newbies into the space with step-by-step videos to guide them to set up their wallets and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. So, whether you are an expert or just a beginner, the team will always have you covered!


Bangsta wants to ensure that many more new members can join the crew and unite for the common goal of integrating into the Metaverse and running Web 3.0 in the future. Thus, Bangsta shifted towards Solana to reduce gas fees for the minting process, making it affordable for anyone keen to join the space.


“People often ask me the reason I chose Solana. I believe $SOL has a great future & will bring big returns, even bigger than ETH since SOL’s market cap is 10x less. I believe SOL can easily hit $500–1k next year (2022). Therefore, investing in SOL NFTs is indirectly investing in $SOL at the same time so that it would be a good investment in my eyes,” says Austin, aka Erk, the Founder and Head of the Bangsta Bears Project. “Ethereum will always be the superior blockchain for NFTs. Still, the continuous high gas price is turning people off. Hopefully, ETH 2.0 can fix this. For right now, the gas fees are a VERY high barrier to entry for people who are new to NFTs.”


Bangsta Bears is not just a cute animal project but is more than that. There are numerous utilities and excellent benefits for the holders of the Bangsta Bear, including:


  • Direct access to the weekly classes conducted by founder Erk on many different topics, including NFTs, Crypto, Investing, and more!
  • Having a one-to-one conversation with Erk once a month for Top holders & OGs
  • Premium access to members only, Stock, Crypto, and NFT calls, analysis, and a daily overview of each market
  • Met averse access to our future land purchase as well as the freedom of creating a custom Bangsta Bear as their character
  • Access to airdrops, exclusive giveaway, and potential future projects for FREE Early “whitelist” and presale access for hot new projects.


Moreover, Bangsta Bears holders will hold the majority of the tokens and reap exciting benefits. For more information, read:


About Bangsta Bears:


Austin, aka “Erk,” recently graduated college and has postponed his other business ventures to work on the Bangsta Bears. He has been buying, selling, and using crypto for five years now. Next, he collected and flipped “NFTs” for easy money and lost a lot in a year. Nevertheless, he learned from his mistakes and moved on to create a space where newbies can learn and prosper from his experiences.


Austin's onboard geniuses like Tyler and Edrian joined his mission to take Bangsta Bears onto the next level. Tyler is a professional developer who had worked on over 10 NFT projects and many other crypto projects before NFTs became mainstream. Tyler knows and understands everything about the block chain, like the palm of his hand!


Edrian from Valiant Graphics has worked for big brands like ESPN, Etsy, and Passive Owl! He has been working with NFT art for the past year and has created 10k collections for his clients. 


Contact Info:

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