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Reconnect with Life in 2022 and Build a New Me with Health and Wellness Experts Online!

(Brandon, MB, Canada): Today, Lotus AyurYoga announced non-medication health and wellness program, "Reconnect with Life," that offers to help people transform physically and mentally through practical tools like yoga, personalized coaching, and counseling online. Our wellness program isn't about just stretching the body, doing different poses, or adopting a new diet. It's way more than that!


Reconnect with Life is a life-transformation program designed to encourage our clients to honor their bodies, let go of things that cause them stress, pain, and worry, and learn to live in the present moment with gratitude. As a result, our clients gain a positive outlook that propels them to become achievers in life.


The founder of Lotus AyurYoga says, "You can only save your soul with the openness of your heart and mind."


Our mentors have decades of experience in the health and wellness field and work one-on-one with our clients to help them strive for progress to rekindle their spirits and unlock their full potential.


Reconnect with Life is a personalized program that anyone can join from the comfort of their home and perform at their own pace. It offers:


  • Step-by-step coaching designed into modules along with one-on-one zoom video calls for support and practice
  • Counseling sessions about mindfulness, nutritional guidance, and customized strategies that suit every individual's needs and wants
  • Specific fitness segments to achieve higher consciousness through Yoga and Qigong


To schedule a FREE 30-Minute Zoom consultation with our experts, email us at:


About Lotus AyurYoga


The connection between the mind and body is natural, so it's essential to healing our mind before healing our body. At Lotus AyurYoga, we understand this.


Lotus AyurYoga is a health and wellness institute founded to transform the geology of the mind, body, and soul. Our experts guide our clients by counseling and coaching sessions with fitness tools like Yoga and Qigong to add energy, strength, and bliss to one's life.


The physical segment of our program involves developing a healthy lifestyle with preventative strategies to combat existing diseases and provide nutritional plans to boost our clients' health and wellness. The emotional component of the program deals with healing the body & mind from emotional stress and fear so clients can achieve balance in life.


The spiritual segment of our program leads our clients to the most powerful means of spiritual unfoldment and conscious transformation. We help them build an energy channel that leads directly to their higher consciousness to forgea healthy relationship with themselves and the world around them.


Contact Name: Julie Jalbert
Title: Founder of Lotus AyurYoga
Organization: Lotus AyurYoga
Phone: 1-866-AYU-YOGA (1-866-298-9642) Text us for a faster response

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