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Author VS GRIFFIN presents the On the Rox mobile app

People who want to read the inspiring books by the bestselling author VS Griffin can now get them quickly and conveniently. While announcing the launch of the On the Rox mobile app, VS Griffin said that the app features all her published books for free. It is also available on both Apple and Google Play platforms.


The On The Rox is a mobile app centered on author VS Griffin and her brand—a way to communicate with her and your fellow readers. Not only that, but readers can also acquire on the app the author's audiobooks, access the official merch store, and so much more.


The mobile app also allows her fans and customers to get a variety of merchandise, including branded mugs, art and craft tools, notebooks, inspirational materials, and many other items.


The main feature in the app is VS Griffin's book shop, a place where readers can access inspirational books and materials. One of the books that readers can get in the online bookshop is Gin on the Rox, a self-help book for readers to reflect and discover the joy of a purpose-driven life.


"My books and online apparel store are meant to allow customers access life-impacting materials. Now with the mobile app, we add convenience. Grab your merchandise today," said Virginia, inviting her readers and customers to install the new app on their devices.


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About VS Griffin


Virginia writes under the name VS Griffin. She lives in Houston, Texas, together with her four children. She was an accomplished and in-demand pianist for most of her career in the music industry but retired to pursue writing memoir fiction—as she calls it. Her published works include Phoenix Rising, The Alphabet Trail in Color, The Color of Life, You are Somebody, children's activity books, a self-care mental health journal, and a 180-day planner.


Virginia is currently working on a new manuscript. Her other interests include spending quality time with her children at museums, walking in the park, watching sports events, and trying out new restaurants.


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