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Amanda Young Uses Life Lessons to Inspire Conversations Around Mental Health and Inclusivity

When the burdens in life take a toll, most people choose to hide them under the carpet. They do not want others to know they are suffering. Unfortunately, according to mental health experts, their situation only worsens. The loss of her dream job, struggles with mental health, and the COVID 19 pandemic did not keep her down; she chose to be positive and share her journey with others. She uses books, podcasts, and the online community to share her story, inspire others and give her strength to deal with her mental health issues. Amanda is an emerging bestselling author, a leading mental health podcaster, and an advocate.


"By starting my podcast and publishing my children's book series; I'm aiming to start important conversations around mental health, inclusivity, and the highlight reel that is social media. We need to get comfortable talking about the things mainstream society deems as taboo because it might be the difference that saves someone's life when they're dealing with something heavy," says Amanda while explaining the reason for starting her online community and writing career.


Her new book is a vibrant conversation starter on inclusivity for families who want to increase empathy, tolerance, and friendliness in other kids.


Readers and parents describe her new children's book "Jumo the Unicorn: Manda's Magical Zoo" as an excellent, age-appropriate conversation starter on inclusiveness.

Amanda was inspired by a little rhino when working as an animal trainer. The story is about Jumo the Rhino, struggling with an identity crisis. Assisted by a pink-haired zookeeper who can communicate with animals, the characters in the story help spread the message of inclusivity, friendship, and love in the magical zoo.


In this story, Amanda teaches the young readers to respect their true selves regardless of how the world perceives them. She believes that the story will inspire positive values and help the readers grow into sensible, warm, and empathetic human beings.


How She Started


Amanda created her brand while working in the animal training field, focusing on sharing her career and love of animals. When she was laid off from her dream job in 2019, she started struggling with her mental health. Amanda did not hide her problem; instead, she shared her journey with others to build a like-minded online community. She took a moment of hurt and loss by the horns, turning it into an opportunity. During the 2020 pandemic, Amanda made what she calls the hardest decision to date to walk away from a career she had built. She was experiencing burnout and fatigue and barely surviving; she was heartbroken. She prioritized her mental health to become a better person, friend, daughter, wife, and sister. She discovered she had a lot to offer through a soul and identity search process and could be more than just an animal trainer. It was time she focused on herself to start sharing her voice.


She started a mental health podcast called "Sunshine and Rainbows" and later began writing a children's book spreading messages of love, friendship, and kindness to help teach kids some pretty valuable lessons.


"My hope is that by sharing my story so publicly, it will impact those that need it most. I never want someone to feel as hopeless and alone as I did while walking through those dark times. I wish I would've felt seen, heard, and understood. I've made it my mission to reach everyone, regardless if they're personally struggling with mental illness or are impacted by it," remarks Amanda as she invites people who may be going through rough patches to her online community.


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About Amanda 


Amanda Young started her career as an animal trainer. Although she was laid off, she didn't let that setback bog her down. Rather, she saw it as an opportunity to explore her other dreams and passions. Today she spearheads a mental health & inclusivity-centered brand, hosts a successful podcast, and is now a bestselling author.


Media contact


Amanda Young

Mental Health Advocate, Owner ThatMandaGirl LLC

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