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From the office desk to the studio, an artist thrives by following his passion

Four years ago, Rajan Seth gave up a well-paying accountancy career to follow his artistic passion. The abstract artist based in London said that the decision to leave his career was not easy. Although the job is well-paying, he felt that it was not the best for him; he was always unhappy.


He completed a three-year degree in Economics at the University of Manchester and became an accountant, a career that gave him endless paperwork and stress. He felt a strong urge to follow his passion, urging him to make a decision that his parents were initially skeptical about.


His brother encouraged him to move on and give it a try. After all, if the worst happened, he could always go back to Accountancy. Lady luck was truly upon him as his artistic ambition flourished, and he has managed to complete over 200 commissions by now.


Rajan Seth has worked on commissions for celebrities, such as Fearne Cotton (Radio & News Presenter), Hugo Taylor from Made in Chelsea, Nick Pope (England Footballer), and Ashley Walters (Actor from Topboy). He has also collaborated with interior designers in the USA, Canada, Singapore, Germany, and many other countries!


His first-ever solo exhibition was in Chelsea, London, at 508 Gallery, dubbed Making My Mark. And now, he has an Instagram page that has over 115,000 followers.


Passion for art


"I love the creative process in my work. I wake up in the morning and have this craving to get in the studio and experiment with new materials and ideas. I love abstract painting, luxury art, canvas painting, designing new concepts, and working with metallic colours like golds and silvers. This is something that is incorporated in almost all of my works," said Seth.


Abstract Art is about feelings. It is expressing emotions in a way that best represents the artist. Seth loves to connect with a canvas in this way and quite literally paints all his feelings and emotions. He loves using more neutral colours like black, navy, white, grey, and gold.


About Art by Rajan Seth


Art by Rajan Seth was founded in 2018. It started with him painting in the studio in his parents' small utility room. Seth would make a mess, and paint would be splattered all over the walls, but it was a fun experience for him.


He started painting as a form of art therapy, a release to help him get through a difficult time. He continued to paint as a hobby throughout his college years but never thought he could do it professionally. Today, he has served over 200 customers worldwide and counting. He looks forward to participating in big exhibitions and collaborating with other artists on unique projects so that he can learn more about different styles of art.


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Rajan Seth

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