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Available For Pre-order: Un-Hinged: What I Learned from Saying, "It's You, It's Not Me" in the NYC..

February, 2022, New York City: Mariann Yip is delighted to announce the pre-order of her first book, Un-Hinged: What I Learned from Saying, "It's You, It's Not Me" in the NYC Dating Scene. Learn how crazy dating experiences led to self-discovery, self-development, and self-love for this native New Yorker. Her close girlfriends encouraged her to write the book during the pandemic because her dating experiences were unique, unpredictable, and entertaining. Her stories offer a fresh lens to the reality of dating in a busy and big city like New York and is a modern take on “Sex and the City.”


"While I was dating all of these men, I was also dating myself in the process."— Mariann Yip, from Un-Hinged."


Yip navigated her mid to late 20s at the heart of it all, in the city that never sleeps. Dating in New York City offers a pool of endless options. Coming across men with different backgrounds and personalities on an app made it an adventure and a chance for self-exploration.


"Had I not put myself out there and had not said yes to all these men, I wouldn't have had the crazy experiences I did. And to be honest, looking back, they actually make me smile because I can now pinpoint who Mariann was when she was dating as a single woman in NYC." — Mariann Yip


Yip recalls her experiences in a raw and authentic way, as if she was telling her story for the first time to her girlfriends. Every chapter dives into the lessons she’s learned from each suitor. Un-Hinged also touches on the role of therapy in her life. Yip applied the lessons learned from her therapy sessions to her relationships and dates. Other major themes of the book include the importance in healing past wounds, recognizing patterns, and the power of boundaries, self-awareness and self-love.


Letting Go of Control to Let Love In


It can be hard to find love when you are comparing your timeline to others. Letting go of control and expectations is a liberating way to see the bigger picture of life and love. Un-Hinged: What I Learned from Saying, "It's You, It's Not Me" in the NYC Dating Scene is meant to inspire anyone looking for genuine love.


Aside from giving a sneak peek into the real dating scene in NYC, the book is an eye-opener for women to keep themselves open to possibilities. Un-Hinged is a reminder to those who are trying to find their person that they are more than their relationship status and their worth is not defined by an online dating profile.


“When all else fails, you can resort to the saying, “It’s you, it’s not me,” and just keep trucking along, because I’m here with you. Your girl’s got you.” — Mariann Yip

Un-Hinged: What I Learned from Saying, "It's You, It's Not Me" in the NYC Dating Scene launches on March 1, 2022 and is available for pre-order now at It is also available at


About the Author


Mariann Yip is a native New Yorker and was born and raised in the Lower East Side in the beautiful city that never sleeps. She is a lifestyle and travel blogger who shares tips and travel adventures at She hosts the podcast The City Confessions, in which she leads ongoing discussions with other New York residents to share their truths and stories. Mariann’s mission is to create a safe platform for storytelling and to normalize pain, struggle, and vulnerability.


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