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Life Launch Centers Resilience Model now has a new online resilience education product

For four years now, Life Launch Centers Resilience Model has been offering intensive outpatient counseling where they have helped hundreds of families. At present, they offer a new online resilience education product that can reach millions across the world. The program has over 50 unique video lessons and is available for everyone. When announcing the launch of the new online resilience education product, the Life Launch Centers representative said they now have the capacity to reach and teach more individuals and families how to overcome anxiety, depression, suicide ideation, trauma, and other mental health challenges.


"We can achieve this by teaching the best and most powerful psychology principles from Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Resilience research, neuroscience, and other modalities," said the Life Launch Centers representative. In addition, the said organization also teaches distress tolerance tools, mindfulness, brain development, and how to build healthy connections.


The Life Launch Centers give parents, children, and treatment programs a common language through an easy-to-use curriculum that improves communication, inspires connection, and empowers emotional resilience.


The worldwide mental health crisis is growing. This phenomenon urged the Life Launch Center to expand its capabilities more and solve this concern. By launching its online program, the organization can finally help create stronger families and brighter futures.


"Emotional resilience is like a physical muscle in a sense that you aren't born with all the mental strength you'll need as an adult. There are specific exercises that build emotional resilience, and this curriculum combines the most effective psychology principles into one easy-to-use model," said the representative, outlining the benefits that individuals and families can derive from the online program.


The online program is meant to help clients build their emotional resilience, take back control of their emotions, and find hope, confidence, and courage in life.


Sample resilience lesson


To give the clients a preview of what to expect in the online program, Life Launch Center gives a sample of their resilience lesson.

The first lesson welcomes the participants to the program, walking them through determining their top two values and working on their two SMART goals.


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Mar 9, 2023  ( 1 post )  
Ded Der (frensis)

I began to experience more and more mental health problems. And in order to somehow understand myself, I decided to find out the difference between anxiety and fear. This information helped me in this, thanks to it I understood these concepts. And I realized that treatment is possible only with the help of therapy.