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Life Launch Centers opens a new center in Cedar City, Utah

Life Launch Centers has opened a new center in Cedar City, Utah. It is located at 1760 N Main Stress #105, Cedar City, UT 84721, with Davee Chandler LCSW as the clinical director. Available by appointment only, Life Launch center partners with Ascend Counseling and Wellness to serve more people.


Life Launch Centers helps families overcome anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns by teaching the best and most powerful psychology principles from Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, resilience research, neuroscience, and other modalities. The center teaches stress tolerance tools, mindfulness, brain development, and healthy connections. To make it effective, they give a common language to their clients through an easy-to-use curriculum that improves communication, inspires connection, and empowers emotional resilience.


Since the worldwide mental health crisis is growing, Life Launch Centers seek to do more to help communities detect and prevent it from limiting their lives.

According to the center's representative, emotional resilience is like a physical muscle. One is not born with, but it is needed in adult life. With the Life Launch Center programs, they are giving specific exercises that build emotional resilience.


"The Life Launch Center curriculum combines the most effective psychology principles into one easy-to-use model," said the representative, outlining how the program can help in alleviating the mental health crisis.


Life Launch Centers now has five centers, including the newly opened Utah County center, West Jordan, Hurricane, and St George.


To reach everyone, even those who cannot access their physical centers, Life Launch has started an online program where people in need of their services may log in and access their useful content. Individuals and families who have gone through the course have revealed in their testimonies that the online program positively impacted their lives. The center representative urged those that are in need of their services but are far from their centers to take advantage of their online education program.


In the future, Life Launch Centers will expand the distribution of their Resilience Model Online Education to millions. Through this expansion, the center will assist in addressing the growing mental health crisis through direct-to-consumer distribution and licensing to other mental health institutions.


For more information, visit

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Sep 27, 2022  ( 1 post, 2 replies )  
Gary Stokley (stokleygary)

This is great news

Alez Mane (alexama)

That is really cool! I was waiting for such centers, and I'm really glad to read it!

Kelly Cherry (kelly2121)

Totally agree with you guys! I am also glad that there is finally help for people suffering from depression. For example, I felt only stress, but I was close to a state of depression. I am a student and I have been studying psychology and mental health for a long time, I am also writing a research paper on this topic. I turned to in order to expand my knowledge and get help with writing because professionals know better how to avoid plagiarism and properly compose an essay structure