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Woman Willionaire’s new single Rich in Poverty; a song that gives hope to be performed live..

Lovers of slow rhythm jams should put their dancing shoes on and ready their devices to enjoy the Woman Willlionaire live show. The show is scheduled for Sunday, March 20, 2022, from 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM CDT.


The tickets for the online live event are on sale at Event Brite for $ 0.25 only! During the online event, the artist will be performing one of her latest singles, Rich in Poverty. According to the artist, this song serves as a reminder of how different your present situation is compared to how you were before. Even if you're struggling, just remember that you have already gone so far. So, giving up should never be an option.


"Grab a device and hear Woman Willionaire live singing her new single Rich in Poverty. Plus, an extra ended bonus!" said a post on Woman Willionare's Facebook page.


While announcing the "Rich in Poverty" launch, Woman Willionaire said she would perform her new single live and talked about a future giveaway.


Woman Willionaire, who describes herself as an independent artist, expressed, "With music, I let it take me where I want to go."


Many of her fans see great potential in her. One fan had this to say about the artist. "If she continues her hard work and dedication, things will only climb higher for her."

The new single has been receiving airplay both on radio stations and online platforms.


Those who have listened to the song said that the new up-and-coming artist sings volumes with the new single Rich in Poverty. The catchy beats, inspiring and melodious voice, and relatable lyrics characterize the song. These factors are also the reasons why fans easily resonated with the song, making them curious about Woman Willionare. They were also motivated as they reflected on the lyrics, and they couldn't wait to hear Woman Willionare sing it in front of them.


"Singles are great, but albums are better," said Woman Willionaire, while revealing that this is already her third single song.


For more information about the artist and how to acquire the tickets, visit her Facebook page Woman Willionaire Music.




Woman Willionaire began her journey as an independent artist in late October 2021. This will be her 3rd single thus far. Though just beginning, she has already gained followers within social media and on over 35 streaming platforms. Her songs have been heard playing on the radio, and she is trying to get them to major radio stations as well.


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