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It's the weekend and people are flocking to Sydney's beaches. We can help you find stylish, modest swimsuits to wear on a Sydney beach vacation. LYRA has the right swimsuit design for you, and we have them in a variety of sizes. Our swimsuits are stylish and functional, designed to impress. An LYRA modest swimsuit will make you feel beautiful and confident.


LYRA: Be Modest


It's not just about modesty or personal ethics to wear modest swimwear that covers the entire body. Skin protection can be a barrier to outdoor sports for many people. The Australian sun is one of the most dangerous elements that you need to watch out for. If you don't have the right swimwear, it might seem that you must wrap yourself up in baggy clothes to take a dip in the water. We know how unpleasant that can be.


LYRA's primary goal is to create swimwear that respects women's personal modesty. For women who want to dress modestly in sportswear, it can be difficult. The rigidity of sporting fashion standards makes it impossible for them to choose their own style. LYRA's Sydney-based modest swimwear reflects women's desire to be free in outdoor sports.


The Perfect Swimwear


Fashion trends are becoming more outdated than ever. This has adverse effects on the environment and wallet. LYRA's modest swimwear features classic designs with a focus on timeless looks for every season. Consider it a long-term investment when you purchase LYRA burkini wear. It will become an integral part of your wardrobe and an extension of who you are.


Our premium range is perfect for showing the world that you are confident in your swimwear choices. LYRA swimsuits will appeal to women who want to be confident in their femininity and live life to the fullest. Find out why LYRA's modest swimwear suits your Sydney beach trip.


It's easy to use:


It's as simple as putting on a sweatshirt and LYRA swimsuits. LYRA swimsuits are made from the best Italian fabric to ensure maximum comfort while in the water. They also have a sleeve that can be folded for easy access to the water.


Strong as nails:


LYRA modest swimwear collection offers protection in a variety of ways. This durable, lightweight swimsuit is resistant to UV rays, chlorine, and sand abrasion. All this while maintaining exceptional water mobility!


Flexible coverage:


Our swimsuit design was created keeping in mind how much you want to cover outdoors. We offer a variety of attachments that can be attached to your swimsuit so you can stand tall and not have to wear cumbersome covers.


Buy a Swimsuit


For a chic and sophisticated look on the beach, you only need to click a few buttons to access our entire collection of LYRA swimsuits. Before you book your weekend trip to the beach, we make sure that your swimsuits arrive in time. To get your swimsuit ready, we work with the best courier services in Australia. We will take approximately 3-5 days to make you a modest, stylish swimsuit.


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