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Dating Tips for Guys that Actually Work

1. Even if you have to pay for it, choose the right site

Don't choose the dating site that everyone uses. If you are looking to find someone quickly, the most popular sites will have the most competition. There are many online dating sites. Dating with girls sites include sites that are religiously based, fetish-based, sites that are sexually specific, and sites for seniors.


Even though you must pay a monthly fee for this service, it is an investment in your future. Would you be willing to pay $20 a month for the chance to meet the woman you want? You would. It's likely that you spend it on activities that aren't as enjoyable as dream matches.


There are many sites that offer free services, as well as low-paid ones, and those that charge a lot. You shouldn't discount a site just because it costs money. You should choose a site that suits your preferences, your budget, as well as the number of matches available. Don't be afraid of trying multiple sites at once. You are more likely to find a partner if you have more profiles.

2. For your competition to beat you, search like a woman

Online dating is difficult for men because it involves filling out a profile. Many men don't know how to present themselves to the world in order to increase their chances of meeting someone. Even worse, online dating advice for men doesn't address the process of creating a profile. Many articles and videos on the internet encourage men to be open and honest with their women. You must research the competition if you want to make a profile that is successful. What are your chances of winning? This will require you to search every online dating site as if it were a woman.


Although it may feel odd to look through the photos of men on dating sites, this is an important step to get the best edge.


You will be able to take what works and make it even better. This will help you succeed in online dating faster than the rest of your fellow guys. This is one of those online dating tips you don't often see online, but it can help you rise to the top on any dating site.


Pay close attention to what photos men use, how they use language, headlines, and any other details that stand out. Make a lot of notes, then create your profile. You won't be staring at a cursor when asked to fill in your About Me, Ideal Date, and any other sections.


Cheats are also possible. If you are able to learn the simple ways to make online dating easy for men, it doesn't have to be difficult.

3. You and your date should be honest

Online dating has a reputation for lying. This is a major complaint that many women have. A recent dater shared a story about meeting a man in person. She said that his height, weight, and age were different from what he had implied.


He was at least two inches shorter than her and twenty years older than she. He was caught in a blatant lie. Or three. He smiled and shrugged, then said, "Everyone lies online."


This is not the best way to start any kind of relationship. This is the most important online dating tip for guys you will ever hear. You should be honest about your motives and who you are. Do not lie about your weight, height, job, income, or any other information. If the date progresses to offline, you will eventually be discovered.


You can really look at yourself when you create an online dating profile. Do not lie in order to make yourself look better and to get more dates to contact. It is not worth it, and it will only discourage potential matches in the future.

4. You will find Ice-Breakers if you dig deep

This is another piece of online dating advice that guys don't hear. A woman's online dating profile contains all information about her. Problem is that the Internet holds much more information than she is willing to share. There is likely to be information online that she would rather you didn't know. This free online dating tip should be used with caution. While you can learn a lot about your date by Internet stalking, you may not be able to erase negative press from your mind. If you find yourself really liking the person, this can cause problems.


Start Googling your potential date to find out their name, headline, and other details. Many people use the same usernames on multiple platforms and headlines. People even post their Facebook profile links to their pages. You can use any information that you find to your advantage.


It's not your goal to stalk someone or open a file about them. Instead, it is to get information that can be used for breaking the ice.


You're looking for common ground. Something you can both talk about. You should not use this if you don't find any information in the profile. You might find DUI arrest records, mugshots, and divorce records on Google and other engines. You should be careful about what you search for.

5. You can be interesting even if your life is boring

You can make your life exciting even if you live alone in an unassuming house or work as an accountant. You can be creative and pretend that you are writing a mystery novel. It doesn't have to be crazy, but you should try to make it interesting and mysterious. Keep her guessing about what you are doing or how you feel. You'll be more successful overall if you have more fun with it than other guys on the dating website.



Dating advice for guys is most important if they want to make the woman wonder. Give some details for your first date. No one says you should reveal all of your details in your profile. You'll get better results if you leave her guessing.

6. Use the phone or cam to quickly get on the phone

The main character in Napoleon Dynamite's cult movie meets a girl online. He is then telling his brother all about it at a table in a restaurant. Kip said that they have been talking for two hours each night and he nodded to say, "I guess it is getting quite serious."


You must have an emotional connection to make a real match. Chat can be used to establish an emotional connection. Kip is an example. You will be able to build a stronger emotional connection if you are able to get the woman on Skype, the phone or via other chat-based technology. Read more:


The rest of your life will be fun and games once you have formed an emotional connection. You'll feel the endorphins and be on that love rollercoaster most people spend their entire lives riding, reminiscing and chasing. For a faster connection, get the Skype address or the digits and connect to your chat via the phone or cam.

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