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The Italian Pronunciation Course that seeks to help learners reach their linguistic goals

Foreign language learners experience fear of mispronunciation, which hampers their communication and overall stay in places where a foreign language is spoken. Italian Pronunciation Course seeks to eliminate such worries, offering learners a chance to express themselves effectively. The program, which is offered by Melike Tan, an Italian language specialist who is dedicated to helping her clients make the Italian language familiar, is available at Key to Learning Italian.


Melike Tan specializes in teaching Italian as a foreign language and is also a C2 level CILS exam certification holder. While announcing the availability of the course, she said that whether one needs to learn Italian for traveling or work, wants to sing all Italian songs accurately, or simply enjoys learning languages, she can always help them in reaching their linguistic goals.


The course includes an effective pronunciation system to help Italian language learners develop proper rhythm, intonation, articulation, and more. Melike Tan said she would also provide tips that will allow the learner to pronounce the double consonants vs. single consonants, the letter -r, diagrams, and much more to make them feel more confident while speaking, reading, writing, and singing in Italian.


While acknowledging that language is a communication tool that will benefit its user if used correctly, the Italian language specialist recalled a situation where a seller was trying to convince her to buy a box. However, the seller’s pronunciation was difficult to understand, leading to the failure of the sales pitch.


Melike Tan has observed that the right pronunciation makes both professional and social life easier. "Speaking with the right pronunciation delivers every single time," said Melike Tan while adding that if clients have trouble understanding spoken Italian, the one-on-one course with a specialist will help in improving communication.


"You will learn to speak in a more natural-sounding way in the shortest amount of time. Our pronunciation courses are designed to make your life easier and improve your confidence by letting you immerse in the pronunciation of the Italian language and change your life for the better," expressed Melike Tan. She also further explained that the 7-week program, consisting of 12 modules, will be the answer to many questions regarding Italian language pronunciation.


Melike Tan has already produced great Italian speakers from her students, nurtured by her passion for this profession. Apart from her qualifications, her most efficient personality is her respect for her students' goals and pace. Melike Tan reiterated that through the right tips that they will find in the Pronunciation Course, Italian language enthusiasts will improve their pronunciation skills tremendously.


For more information on one-on-one Italian Pronunciation Courses, visit


About Key to Learning Italian


Key to Learning Italian is a platform helping Italian language learners reach their linguistic goals. The platform provides an Italian pronunciation course that is offered by an Italian linguistic specialist. She has helped many professionals and university students, all English speakers, learn Italian as a foreign language for the first time.


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Melike Tan
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Gary Stokley (stokleygary): edited 4/18/2022 7:23am

These are great language courses, I've been thinking about this for a long time, although I'm still loaded with other tasks. Recently, I need to prepare several written works and it takes a lot of time. Here is a review of the service that helps me with this Thanks to it, I had a chance to finish all on time.

Leopoldo Velasquez (leopoldovelasquez)

Great topic!