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Creation date: Apr 26, 2022 7:23am     Last modified date: Apr 26, 2022 7:23am   Last visit date: Sep 17, 2023 8:04am
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Apr 26, 2022  ( 1 post, 8 replies latest Jul 11, 2023 )  
Larry Smith (mitsuira)

Writing essays is a key part of most school and college education syllabus. An article is a short piece of writing that expresses information and the writer's opinion about a particular subject.

There are different kinds of essays, but they are broadly categorized into narrative, descriptive, argumentative, and expository essays. Before you write an essay, make sure that you plan your points effectively, sentences and paragraphs so that they may connect harmoniously in the whole piece of writing. Here are reasons why it is important to write an essay.

It makes you more intelligent

Imagine having to cross-check so many sites to build ideas around a single topic! Eventually, you will have to figure out how to connect these ideas to come out with one main idea present in all sources you have visited. In most cases, you may use less than 10% of what you have researched even if you remember most of the information.

As a college student, you hardly have the time to make all kinds of guesses when given an essay to write. In this case, you need to be very creative and pick the main points from different sources, analyze them and present them uniquely in your essay. You can seek professional help from other sites on writing that particular topic effectively or opt to write me an essay request on site. That means that you will have to hire writers from the site to write a sample for you.

Builds creativity

Creativity refers to the use of imagination or original ideas to create something. It's good to write an essay as it improves your thinking capacity as you try to relate different events in your narration. Even with issues that you find boring, you will find yourself thinking over a creative scene to narrate in your essay.

That means that you will have to look for information, analyze and effectively combine the different ideas with your own words to create scenes that relate to the topic given. Unlike in the past when essay writing used to be full of passive voice sentences, today it’s all about how you can effectively use your creativity to organize ideas.

It helps to improve concentration

Achieving concentration for particular issues is very difficult for most people. With different levels of slight noises in the surrounding, many people find it hard to concentrate fully. To achieve concentration, you must undertake activities that require maximum attention, like essay writing.

The ability to write excellent multiple essays shows that your concentration level is superb. With the deadline set for you, you will need to learn to organize your thoughts as fast as possible. Concentration in essay writing helps ensure that you don't dig too much into one issue while leaving the rest of the aspects included in the essay shallow. Eventually, this concentration is transferred to other parts of life.

Useful for future careers

Essay writing benefits career in various ways. Even if your career is not related to writing, you may need these writing skills in your career applications at some point in life. That’s when you need to explain clearly why you think you are fit for that job position. The piece of writing that you will come up with entirely depends on the essay skills you adopted back in school.

At some point, you might be required to write a report about the project that you undertook for a particular company. Here, you will have to infer all writing skills you have gathered in your school life, not limited to essay writing skills.

Teaches how to deliver ideas

Having a lot of knowledge and delivering your content when required are two different things. You may have a lot of content but fail to present it effectively due to the poor structuring of sentences. Writing essays also helps to improve speech delivery.

Most students who can write essays effectively are better positioned to deliver their ideas. By the time school life is over, they are in an excellent position to supplement their delivery mechanisms with different viewpoints drawn from disparate sources.


Writing an essay is vital as it ensures that you have gained the relevant writing skills that you may need later in the future. It also shapes your cognitive patterns and empowers you with the knowledge to overcome biases that may result from being misinformed. It also builds the communication skills that help you express yourself on different daily life occasions.

Buber Berer (rabotnikandre)

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Uber Byber (pivimi2435)

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Emili Rose (emilirose): edited 5/8/2022 2:07pm

I understand the importance of essay writing skills, but I think that in college they pay increased attention to these tasks and simply overwhelm students phd research paper Alas, not all students can cope with such volumes of unloved writing tasks and, as a result, they use writing services for help. I do not think that this can be well reflected in the knowledge of students.

Thomas Ivey (thomasivey)

Essay writing is an important exercise because it allows you to express yourself through the written word. Essay writing develops critical thinking skills, searching for and organizing information from sources, forming arguments, and defending them with evidence. It also helps build self-confidence and improve communication skills. All of this also makes it easier to speak in front of an audience. For me, the hardest part of all this is preparing a speech. So I ask professional writers to write my speech and then I am sure that I will impress the audience. It should come in handy for you too.

Milana Berta (tyk37554)

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Vitalik Paliy (vitalikpaliy)

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Laura Santi (hartpammu)

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Ryle Russo (ryleeuso)

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