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The Maintenance of Sanitary Pads Machinery and Electrical Equipment


Sanitary pads are an essential item in our modern society However, even the personnel who make them understand the equipment which makes the sanitary pads. If there's a fault in the electrical equipment of the machinery for sanitary pads What is the best way to fix it?

1. Mouth first, then hands

If you have a problem with sanitary pads electronic equipment Don't take a leap of faith to fix it. You should first inquire about the cause of the fault as well as the cause of the problem. If you are unfamiliar with the equipment it is essential to familiarize yourself with the circuit's principle and the structural features first and follow the applicable guidelines. Before disassembling, you must be aware of the purpose and position of the component, as well as the connection method and connection to the other components of every component.

2. External first then internal

First, you should examine the sanitary pads ' machinery for obvious cracks and flaws as well as learn about its history of maintenance as well as its service life. Then, you should inspect for any internal flaws within the device. Before dismantling, all the problems should be worked out. The device is only disassembled if it has been determined that there is an internal issue. In the event of a blind disassembly, it could result in the device being damaged over time.

3. Mechanical first, then electrical

Once you have confirmed that the mechanical components are free of fault and that the electrical components are in good condition, conduct an electrical inspection. In the event of determining the fault in the circuit and identifying the source of the fault, the detector is the best tool to determine the source of the fault. Once you've confirmed there's no problem with the contact and that the circuit is operating properly, the relationship between circuits and machine needs to be examined in a specific way to avoid misjudgment.

4. Static first, then dynamic

If the sanitary pads device is not working evaluate the performance of the buttons and contactors, thermal relays and fuses to pinpoint the location of the fault. Test the power-on Listen at the noise, determine parameters, assess faults and finally , carry out maintenance. For example, if the motor is not in phase, or if the three-phase voltage cannot be assessed it is recommended to be able to hear the sounds and then measure each phase's voltage to ground separately before making a decision on which phase is affected. For more info about adult diaper machine Manufacturers, Visit here:

5. Clean first, then repair

If your equipment is heavily polluted First, clean the button, the wiring point and contact points. Then, verify if the external control keys are not in good working order. A lot of failures are due to dirt and dust particles, which can be eliminated when cleaned.

6. Power first, then equipment

The percentage of failure in the power supply is responsible for a significant portion of the overall equipment malfunction So, fixing this power supply initially will typically yield twice the results at a fraction of the cost.

7. General first, then special


The problems caused by the quality of assembly parts and other equipment failures usually represent approximately 50% of all common failures. The particular faults in the equipment are typically soft faults, and they are to be monitored and repaired with the help of instruments and experience. Get more info about sanitary pad manufacturing machine.


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