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Rigid-flex PCB - The Ins and Outs

It is impossible to imagine life without electronic devices in today's technologically advanced world. There are many devices, such as mobile phones, washing machines, televisions, and TVs. Our lives have become so reliant on these devices that we don't stop to think about how they work. Paul Eisler (an Austrian engineer) was the one who designed the first printed computer circuit. This was in 1936. These boards were very large in size and difficult to maintain. These boards eventually became smaller and much more affordable.


A printed circuit board (also known simply as a PCB) is used to link electrical apparatuses. These boards are connected via copper tracks. The copper tracks link the electrical components and create a circuit. The circuit and board are attached together to create a Rigid-flex PCB Assembly, Visit website


These boards are created using computers. The process is very fast because it can all be done electronically. Each board is tested for flaws and verified after they have been manufactured. These circuits are very easy to repair and maintain because they are attached to a fixed, plain board.

Potential uses of circuit boards

A printed circuit board makes up the majority of electronic items we use today. This small device can be used to enable many functions and is loaded with technology. It is very remarkable. Some examples of devices that make use of printed circuit board include:


Radio sets
Mobile phones
Washing machines
Gaming equipment
Microwave oven


If you take the time to look closely, you will find that printed circuit boards can be found all around. Not to mention that other industries, like military apparatuses or medical industries, also make use of these boards.

Printed circuit boards (and their types):

There are three types of printed circuit boards available: one-sided or two-sided. Multi-layered boards can also be made. A one-sided printed circuit board is ideal for any equipment that only has a few functions. Two-sided boards may be used if the circuits are complex. The multi-layered boards are useful for large and complex devices. These boards are commonly used to reduce the device's volume and weight.

It is not exaggerated when we say that PCBs have allowed for a variety of electrical experts to design and develop new techniques for making electronic devices. Electronics is a world that has provided joy for tech lovers and gadget-lovers!


Shenzhen Unite Multilayer Circuit Board Co., Ltd. has been established in 2018. We invested Y=16 million in our initial capital to create cutting-edge hardware manufacturing equipment both domestically and internationally. It established a solid foundation for high precision, high-end PCB manufacturing. More info:


Unite multilayer PCB's monthly production is 9,000 m2. Among them, 5,000 are small batches. You can make mass production boards in a variety of formats, including double-sided boards or 60-layer ones. Other product types include ordinary boards.

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