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Next generation of marketing: AI-powered social marketing

Businesses that are trying to promote their latest products but are tired of a high costly searching engine or social media ads can now rest easy. Deltamon DBA KOLmon marketing is helping business kick start their branding. With its influencer marketing powered by AI, the agency prides itself on offering the next generation of marketing. As an influencer marketing agency, KOLmon marketing helps people and businesses promote their online services or products. The agency collects and maintains millions of Youtube/IG/Tiktok content creators and uses AI to filter the right influencers for its clients.


With the list of a vast number of influencers maintained by KOLmon marketing and content creators recommended by AI, KOLmon marketing can help find the most suitable candidates and assist the marketing campaign.


KOLmon marketing service turns the influences into a local sales team, helping boost the business reputation through the followers. "It reinforces your brand's reputation and fosters your credibility," said the agency spokesperson while adding that influencers can quickly introduce and covert traffic, turning them into potential users. With their creativity, careful planning, and execution of the campaign, the agency delivers an initiative that brings revenue that is twice the cost expended in the process.


While appreciating that influence marketing is one of the most popular trends in the digital world, the senior regional marketing manager in the company, Jessica Yu, said their agency service focuses on understanding the customers' unique needs and goals with the aim of building a customer program that delivers value. To achieve this, they do all the marketing analysis and assist customers in selecting the best influencer to accomplish specific goals. Their potential customers are people who have an influence on social media platforms.


The agency uses three steps to assist in customizing influencer marketing. First, they include planning the campaign where the customer tells them what needs to be promoted and the kind of campaigns that are preferred. Then, they find a suitable influencer. They have thousands of top influencers from different countries and industries at their disposal. They normally filter suitable candidates for the business, working with them to create a customized marketing campaign. After this, they release and take off.

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About KOLmon marketing


KOLmon marketing is an innovative digital marketing agency that has been helping brands develop and define their voice through influencer/ KOL marketing services. The marketing agency is driven by technology and innovation to ensure it fulfills the key mission of helping clients find their successful future.


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Jessica Yu

Sr. Regional Marketing Manager, APAC

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Beep Boop (keospin)

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