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Nursing reflective essays: Template, examples, and tips

Nursing reflective essays: Template, examples, and tips


Being a nursing student, what kind of assignments do you get? I bet most of them are reflection-based essays. If you are doing essay writing on these kinds of topics for the first time, it must be a little challenging for you. You might explore the internet sources and learn the guidelines to write such essays. Or you can also consider professional writers to make things easier for you.

First of all, you have to learn the basics of writing such essays. You should analyze your own experience related to a specific event. An essay writer can guide you about writing your thoughts, feelings, arguments, and views on a particular issue. Also, It will help you in expanding your learning about the complexities of clinical experience.

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Tips for writing

How do you make your task easier? Most of the tasks can be simplified if you have acquired several tips or essay help related to them. You can implement those tips in composing the essays, and you are done. Here are certain tips that will be your reflection-based essay assignment easier for you.

  •         You need to have a specific perspective for developing the analysis. So, you should first select a purpose for your essay. After that, you can start working on it.
  •         Now, the second tip is to create relationships between your purpose and experiences. This will help you in developing your personal and theoretical knowledge about the subject.
  •         Clearly and concisely present your thoughts and feelings from the experience. Convince your reader about the usefulness of your experience in a clinical setting.
  •         Your essay will be incomplete if you do not add your learnings from the experience.
  •         You should write the essay in an academic style. Using an informal tone will decrease your chances of getting good grades.

Template for the Essay

If the tips do not solve your confusion in the essay, use the following template. The template provides you all the necessary points for your reflective essay. So you better take assistance and make your task easier. Having an aid makes the task less demanding for the students.

  •         Write the introduction for your essay. The purpose of such essays is mostly to provide an analysis. So you need to write your thesis statement about the main purpose of your essay.
  •         Now start describing the situation you are facing as a clinical nurse. Try to include all the valuable information regarding the situation.
  •         Then share your personal views, thoughts, and feelings about the situation. It will tell the readers, how you tried to cope with the situation. Also, enlist the problems you faced in handling the patient.
  •         The next heading will be the evaluation of your experience. Whatever you wrote previously, evaluate all the points.
  •         Also, tell the learnings from the scenario for your future practice. Enlist the factors of the current scenario that helped you in self-development.
  •         The next heading will be to conclude your reflection-based essay. Summarize all the key points of your essay in this part.


For instance, if you have to assess a patient with mental health issues, then the following are the components you will include in your essay. There are many essay writer services that can also help you out in writing the correct essay. Follow this example and write an effective essay based on reflection.

  •         Introduce the purpose of your analysis essay. Then describe the situation you faced.
  •         If you have faced any inexperience, aggression, and problems in handling the patient, write them down.
  •         Now share your feelings related to the patient involved in the scenario. Your thoughts in that particular setting.
  •         Evaluate the situation and your thoughts related to it.
  •         Mention the learnings from the experience.
  •         Write down the factors leading to your self-development.
  •         Conclude all the points and write them into a single paragraph.

While writing such cases, keep in mind the tips and template and try to do it yourself rather than asking someone to "do my papers". Follow the example and write it according to your own experience.


Writing critical reflections: What most students get wrong?


  How do you reflect your thoughts about something? Well, the best way is to analyze the situation and then give your opinion. In writing, this can be slightly difficult for students. To avoid mistakes, students must learn how to write a reflection. If that seems hard, taking help from a professional content writer can be considered.

The first thing you should do is what to write in such essays? And secondly how do write a reflective essay? This type of essay normally depends on two phases. In the first phase, you need to analyze the content. While in the second phase you need to develop an argument based on your analysis. You can refine your critical analysis skills by writing assignments like these.

Critical reflection also consists of three parts. You can write the introduction and thesis for your topic in the first part. Then construct the body paragraphs presenting an analysis of the arguments presented. You should not forget to add specific topic sentences. End your essay with the conclusion by summarizing your learnings from the subject.


Common mistakes in critical reflections

For writing a critical reflection you must go through the piece of text. If you are writing it for the first time, you can get confused and make a lot of mistakes. Consider taking help from an essay service for understanding the concepts of critical reflection. If you do not know the basic requirements, chances are that you handover a descriptive essay. Here are some similar errors that can happen in a critical reflection.

  •         If you just provide a piece of information or description in your essay, it will be the first mistake. You should remember that the purpose of your essay is to provide your analysis of an event. Do not just state your argument on the matter.
  •         Another mistake is the over usage of descriptive elements. You can use these elements but focus on the analysis of the text.
  •         Avoid using judgments in the analysis. You just have to provide your analyzed statements or arguments.
  •         Not mentioning your learning from the subjects and personal experiences can also be one of the mistakes. Presentation of self-knowledge is the primary purpose of such types of essays.  
  •         Do not present the solution to the issue. Involve your own experience and develop the analysis.
  •         Some students do not put their feelings and thoughts on the matter and moreover, they ask someone to "do my essay". If you skip this part, the reflective analysis will not be complete.
  •         If you write the summary of all the findings of the study, then it will be another mistake. You probably would not get a good grade for your assignment.
  •         Confusing the format of reflective with other essays is also one of the mistakes. Do not write it as any other narrative or descriptive essay. Learn the format first then start writing.
  •         Leaving the grammatical errors in the document can also be a mistake. Make sure to proofread your essay before submission.

Writing such an essay is a good way to learn analysis skills. You also get to know how to present your own experience along with analyzing the situation. An essay writing service can also help you out with this type of analysis. If you do not have any previous experience in writing such an analysis, taking help might be a good option. Outline all your ideas and then start writing the analysis. Following guidelines will help you in getting a good grade.

You need to have a good amount of time for understanding and writing such an essay. Avoid writing at the last time. Also, understand the requirements of your assignment before writing. You can write this in a short time if you understand what to write. After analyzing and gathering ideas, plan the writing. If you have less time then take professional help from a "MyPerfectPaper" service. Make things easier for you, because taking extra stress will not be good.  


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