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A book for teen girl entrepreneurs set for launch on 10/22/22

Startup business coach, public speaker, and author of bestselling teen girl business books, Cecelia Nowlin, is set to launch her new book Strategies for becoming a teen girl boss series: The Ultimate Guide to Starting your first business on 10/22/22.


While revealing how she came up with the book, Cecelia said that God put this question in her heart. “What about all those little girls who dream of being a boss like you?” As she puts it, she realized then how important she was to the next generation of girl bosses. There were no business books made specifically for black teen girl entrepreneurs—girls who looked like her when she started her journey as an entrepreneur. So she created the first book series to help black teen girls understand entrepreneurship.


Cecelia said she loves empowering the next generations of girls. She always sees herself in those girls. She described girl entrepreneurs as girls who have a dream in their hearts and who really don’t understand what those DREAMS really mean. To her, teen girls in business are future entrepreneurs.


Cecelia recognized that as a woman entrepreneur, she has a responsibility to help create the next generation of girl entrepreneurs. She is dedicated to helping future girl bosses.


From the onset, she knew that she was different, just as most future girl bosses are. Her journey as a future girl boss all started with a TV show and a dream. She created her book series to help other teen girls understand entrepreneurship. In her parting remarks, Cecilia remarked,” A girl should be two things—who and what she wants to be.” She added that her new book aims to deliver and empower girl entrepreneurs to venture into the business world and navigate successfully.


About the author:

Cecelia is the owner and founder of Empower Business Group. Her expertise is teaching startup and solo entrepreneurs, where she specializes in assisting them in turning ideas into revenue-producing businesses. Her experience as a startup entrepreneur gives her an edge as she has been there and done that. The lesson she has learned and her attitude toward business, and the fact that she became a startup coach at 18 have been instrumental in her journey toward empowering teen girl entrepreneurs. Her other books include Success Strategies You Need to Know, Ultimate Guide for Women Entrepreneurs, Business Basic 101: What to Do as a New Business Owner, Financial Literacy for High School Students, and Business Basics for New Entrepreneurs.


Media Contact info:
Office: 949 652 2029

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