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China COB Led Strip Light - How To Install LED Strip Lighting


It can be easily installed for temporary holiday lighting or for permanent display purposes, making LED strip lighting an effective light solution for homes and businesses. The various colours offer plenty of fun decorative lighting options for under-cabinet lighting in kitchens.


You can buy LED strip lighting in the form of tapes or ribbons with LEDs along the length. As the backing is flexible, it can be used on curves as well as straight edges. Because it is very thin, it can be easily concealed to provide subtle lighting in recesses and display cases.


Here's a quick guide to demonstrate how easy it is to install China cob led strip. Most LED strip lighting comes with double-sided adhesive tape on the back for easy attachment without messy adhesives.


1. The most important step of all - decide where you want your LED lights to be placed for best effect. You do not want to keep changing your mind after installation, or the lighting could become messy. You can test out how the light will fall in various positions by connecting up a short strip without actually sticking it in place.


2. Measure twice, cut once. The old adage 'measure twice, cut once' applies to LED strip lighting as well. There are marks along the tape where you can safely cut. Depending on the cutting marks, work out the nearest length that will fit the space, even if you cannot get the exact length you measured.


3. Before cutting the ribbon into strips, double check the measurements one last time. Always cut along the tape's marked cutting lines. Lay out the cut strips so they don't end up at different lengths.


4. Make sure the surface you are mounting the LED strips on is clean and dry. Remove the vinyl backing from the adhesive strip. Press firmly into place.


5. Connect the strips to your power source, which will either be an LED driver or a simple power cord. Switch them on!


6. You may find that once you see how easy LED strip lighting is to install, you will keep using it everywhere in your home or business. This will ensure that your whole space is illuminated!

LED Strip Lights Under Kitchen Cabinets

Ensure you have a suitable mains power supply close by when installing strip lights and measure the length of your cabinets. When taking measurements, always keep in mind that strip lights can only be cut at 2.5, 5 or 10 cm intervals, so round up or down whenever necessary.


You can wire LED strips into an existing lighting circuit or power them from a standard mains outlet. It is important to decide whether you want your strip lights to work at the same time as your kitchen lights or whether you want them to work independently.


It is not necessary to purchase any additional mounting or attachments for LED Strips, since they have a self-adhesive backing, but you should invest in an IP65 rated coating if you plan to install them near sinks, kettles, or other potential sources of condensation.



As a rule of thumb, cool white LED Strip Lights are the best single colour strips for this application due to their clarity and brightness.


It is also worth exploring the possibility of a dimmer switch since this will allow you to control the brightness of your strips. A 12V dimmer switch must be installed between the driver and your strip lights to allow dimming. Read more:


In most kitchens you will find that the cabinets are not connected in one continuous run, but are instead separated by gaps. If you want to install LED strips throughout your cabinets but only have one power outlet available, this can be a problem. You can solve this problem by connecting your strips in series or parallel with 12V cable.


A cable will bridge the gap between cabinets in the former case, whereas in the latter, each strip will be connected separately to the power supply. If possible, we always recommend connecting in parallel to avoid voltage drops.



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