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Can't be a blogger

Creation date: Apr 26, 2024 4:02am     Last modified date: Apr 26, 2024 4:02am   Last visit date: May 23, 2024 4:33pm
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Apr 26, 2024  ( 1 post, 2 replies )  
Thuk Serrien (tbes50203)

Hi everyone, I've been shooting my life in blog format every day for 3 months now, but still no results from it. In the first month I reassured myself that this is just the beginning and it will be easier from now on. In the second month I started to feel a little bit stressed that my efforts are not evaluated in any way, but I decided to continue. Now it's the third month and the result is the same as in the first week, can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Billy John (1956billyjohn)

Lack of results isn't always your fault, there's a good chance your videos just aren't getting recommended by other people, are you using hashtags when posting videos? Maybe you need a boost in the form of more views or likes. For this there is a great service SMM-World, which will help you get this push, thanks to this resource you can attract the right number of likes on one of your videos, it will promote your profile as a whole and further videos will be much more effective than the previous ones, all this for a reasonable price, so I advise you to try.

Thuk Serrien (tbes50203)

Hashtags? No, I don't use them, I just make titles that briefly describe what's going on in the video. Can't get likes without hashtags? Thank you for your advice, I'll definitely give it a try!