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Basic electronic Items used in projects and their functions

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Electronics plays an important role in creating any equipment and making your own projects.

Electronic Workbench

Before starting the project, make sure the electronics workbench is in working condition properly adjusted. The area of work does not need to be decorated much and one can also build his own electronic workbench. You can also buy these Electronic Components Online from several websites.

Refer the link  to know more about electronics. 


It’s a good approach to keep Electronic components organized. The most popular option Stock Electronic Components Distributor use is transparent plastic warehouse cartons for saving parts.  You could use synthetic storage bins that stretch from a shelf or fit on it.


It is also important to keep the stock with conventional working devices and instruments. You should have a basic understanding of tools and devices to be used in circuit designing. Electronic Components Distributor provides several tools for electronic components manufacturing.


They are a crucial means for prototyping and creating temporary circuits. These boards comprise slots for entering cable and components.  Due to their such temporary behaviour, they enable you to design circuitry. The openings in a breadboard are combined in series both horizontally and vertically.

Digital Multimeter

It is a device that is used to measure electric flow (amps), resistance (ohms) and voltage (volts). It is excellent for analysing and solving circuits problems and is able to measure both AC and DC voltage.  

Battery Holders

It is a plastic container that contains batteries. Some containers are embedded and may have a switch built-in for off/on purpose.

Test Leads (Alligator Clips)

Test leads are excellent for attaching elements collectively to examine a circuit without the requirement for soldering.

Wire Cutter

Wire cutters are required for removing the solid copper wire and stranded.

Precision Screwdriver Set

Precision screwdrivers are also perceived as jeweller’s screwdrivers and normally originated as a set.  The benefit of this Screwdriver over regular screwdrivers is the accuracy points of each driver.  These are very beneficial when operating with electronics that include small screws.

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Helping 3rd Hand

When operating with electronics, it appears you never have sufficient support to operate everything.  This is where the helping 3rd hand appears. It is best for maintaining circuit strips or wire while joining or tinning.

Heat Gun

A heat gun is applied to narrow impressionable tubing known as heat shrink. It is also used to help in protecting the detected cable. It has also been described as the duct tape of electronics and utilized in a wide variety of applications.

Jumper Wire

These wires have conductor pins at each end which enables them to be utilised to combine two clips to each other without soldering. These cables are used with breadboard and expansion boards and are generally solid focus circuit.  Jumper wires can have two ends called male or female whose use is dependent on the type of circuits.

Soldering Iron

To create a permanent circuit, the manufacturer may want to gather the parts together.  To perform this activity, a tool soldering iron is used. One can also opt for lead-free solder or led in several diameters.

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