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Why Web Statistics Matters

Creation date: Nov 29, -0001 4:07pm     Last modified date: Mar 19, 2020 4:34am   Last visit date: Apr 18, 2024 10:42pm
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Mar 19, 2020  ( 1 post )  
Adam Zapple (adamzapple0002)

In this article, I will cover some steps on how to analyze where your traffic comes from, how to use statistics training online, knowing which pages should be optimized and important details that are essential to keep track of your online business. By tracking visits to your Internet domain, it is fundamental to know the strengths and weaknesses of your web site, knowing why some sites do well and others don't and whether your SEO techniques really work.

Web statistics are basically web-based activities of your site. You can find them in the form of data stored in Web servers that can be analyzed and converted into reading documents. Every request or visit to an individual Web page is recorded in data files, called "logs." This data can include information about your visitors such as IP address, name of the page you have requested, date and time of the request, where they are located, and much more information. Let's review some of them.

Web Traffic.- Well known as Impressions. An impression is the result of the request for a file (web page) by a visitor and delivered by the web server which hosts the file. An impression refers to access to a single file. If you have an HTML file that contains 2 graphics, an external CSS file, and have the HTML file itself, you will have 4 impressions. Although the number of impressions can be confusing, It is a great help to know if your site is high or low navigated when compared to unique visitors.

Unique visitors.- Are individual visits your site receives. Perhaps one of the most important statistics to assess, even beyond the number of impressions. It will show the number of new visitors you are receiving a daily, weekly, monthly, or even hourly.

Repeated visitors.- It is a measurement of visitors that have been in your website, at least once. In other words, are all the visits, except the unique visitors you received in a period of time. The percentage of these visits can give you an idea of what is that interest your visitors the most.

Referring URL.- Is the website link that your visitor sent, possibly a link embedded in your page. It is a valuable statistic when a visitor finds your site because it let you know which inbound or external links are essential.

References.- It is simply the origin of your visit to your web site. Such as where the site came from when someone visited your webpage. Bookmarks.- This lets you know when a visitor is interested in your webpage, and his desire to return to your site by bookmarking it to find it again. It shows that the content of this site is worth visiting.

These are some step to take into consideration when analyzing your traffic, I will continue discussing more steps that can help you to improve your online business in my next article.


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