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About Oud oil and why it is expensive


You may perhaps wonder what Oud oil is and why it is among the expensive item in the world. To know more about process that runs behind the extraction, you need to undertake some research on this oil.

What is Oud?

Also referred to as agarwood oil, oud is said to be derived from the rich forests of South-east Asian agar tree. Agarwood is prone to getting infected by a specific kind of mold. In reaction, the tree starts to produce dark scented resin popularly called liquid gold. A crucial aspect to keep in mind is that at the time of extraction of the essential oil, the fungus needs to inoculate in the tree for minimum 8 to 12 years.


Steam distillation is done for extraction purpose. Agarwood gets immersed within water and left for few months during the initial stage. Then soaked wood gets placed within huge boilers, where water in the Agarwood gets exposed and evaporates with resin. The resultant is collected in the condenser. Oil is then distilled from Agarwood or resin soaked wood, which is called Oud.

Reasons for Yuzhi Oud being expensive

According to the industry experts, the main reason for the expensive nature of Oud is because of its rarity. Although wild agar trees are known to produce this oil naturally, it is just 2%. Experts’ state that it is from the very old trees that the best Oud oil can be derived, which again makes it all the more scarcer. For several reasons, Agarwood oil can be taken like spasms faced in the digestive system, respiratory system, for abdominal pain, fever, nausea, asthma and for other ailments. Apart from its miracle healing effects, this oil is also used widely for aromatherapy purpose. The oil has amazing abilities to involve relaxation to the mind and the body. The well known oud oil manufacturer is known to product variety of items ranging from bar to liquid soap, body wash and creams. Most of the products use unique oud oil as one of its ingredients. Some even do not have any animal product in it making it useful for those who are animal friendly.



Oud is termed to be a precious resource. Its rarity aspect is only set to increase much more especially with forests being cut down, habit loss and over-harvesting. Fortunately, the China Oud Oil Company has been taking careful measures to monitor the trees t ensure its survival and producing the much desired and celebrated oud oil. Hence, you can find this precious scent for a long time.

How it is cultivated and grown?

The layman thinking is that cultivating oud is quite easy and simple. But the truth is that growing this rare tree is quite difficult and at times even notorious. It is best grown in South East Asian climate in a nursery facility, which is minimum of 1,000 m above sea level. It should be left alone under strict supervision for about 4 to 5 years to enable it to mature fully and be healthy. The modern practiced forestry procedures involve getting the trees infected with fungus. This procedure is rather considered to be another unpredictable process. The precious resin is available naturally in amongst 1 to 2 percent of the tree population, thus increasing further its rarity aspect.


You can even consume oud oil, but in very small quantities. But do make sure that the materials used for its preparation are pure and devoid of harmful chemicals. Organic wild oil is created using mineral water. Few may even add some drops to enhance their green tea, while others prefer to drink hydrosol to derive health benefits.

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