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Balwyn Project- By Ian Lyell Design Service


Ian Lyell Design Service is committed to complete projects at customer satisfaction. From our end, we take care of every minor detail that can affect project quality. Balwyn Project is one of those projects.We have completed it keeping our client’s need at top priority. Thus, our clients are delighted with our work. Here is the story of the Balwyn project that we like to share with you.

The Balwyn Project

A Chinese Developer and owner in Melbourne appointed us (Ian Lyell Design services) to design the interior, outdoor atrium, and external grounds. The client wants to keep it simple but with a touch of subtle luxury. We understood our client’s needs that what exactly they want for their project. Hence, we assigned our team of expert professionals for the project to prepare designs. These are the professionals that have past experience in designing similar projects like this. It facilitates work efficiency and gives the best results.

The Story:

Our clients want us to create designs based on the philosophy of Feng Shui. In fact, they want us to strictly follow the traditional Chinese architecture. We respect them for their choice, to include cultural values. From this,we got a clear idea that our client wants something that is not just bricks and cement. What they need is something attached to their cultural and emotional values. What they want is, the perfect mix of both Chie energies (nominated by the Feng Shui Expert) and modern marvel. They assigned us with the design of house entry and total interior and exterior design. It includes the front entry, balconies, all interior designing such as wall tiles, wall color, type of benches, toilets, and cabinetry.

The Challenge:


We accepted our client’s need as a challenge and invested all our energy to fulfill it. This project also allowed us to explore and learn more about different aspects of design and selection materials. Our expert teams have researched deep into Feng Shui architectural techniques. After drafting and rejecting various designs ourselves we created that perfect design. We created designs both on paper and digital format. The 3-D designs make it clearer to understand the final build. After completing the whole design process, we reached our clients for a demonstration of designs and gave our presentation.


Our clients after seeing the presentation thanked us for making their dream a reality. They said “We have never seen this type of blending of culture and modern designs. This is just incredible, infact, you made exactly the same thing that we have imagined”. Hearing this from our clients we feel honorable. And, all the credit goes to our 30 years of wide experience and our team of expert professional that have the crucial architectural expertise. This is how our Balwyn Project is proving to be a milestone in our working style.

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