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How to Open an Essay to Grab the Attention of Readers



A large number of students consider academic writing an intimidating task. They consider it an overwhelming job because they have to write comprehensive essays time after time. However, students have to understand the fact that they can't continue their academic career without essay writing. Learning writing skills is not a big deal; however; you've to apply yourself to become a top-echelon essay writer.


Writing is a skill, and it can be learned easily. It demands an essay writer to keep its nose to the grindstone to compose remarkable pieces of paper. In contrast, a few students despite having ample information about a subject and sufficient writing skills still struggle a lot to compose a splendid essay. A student has to give preference to structuring an essay appropriately.





Moreover, engaging the targeted audience in the text of the essay is essential. For this purpose, a scribbler must learn the sections of the introductory paragraph strictly. It provides an absolute guideline to the scribblers to put down the right piece of information at the right place. Let's discuss the importance and portions of the introductory paragraph in chronological order.


1. Importance of Introductory part of essay writing

As its name implies, this section demands a student to define the topic precisely. It is the primary motif of this paragraph. Moreover, the paragraph must be precise, to the point, attention-seeking as well as intriguing. Let's discuss its components briefly further.


2. Hook statement

It is a concise statement that plays a vital role in alluring readers' interest in the text of the narrative essay. It has several types. Each hook statement can be used according to a specific essay type. Its main watchword is to grab the attention of the targeted audience. For instance, you can markdown a surprisingly amazing fact or raise a thought-provoking question and then pursue the essay by answering it later in the essay.


3. Defining the topic

Next, concisely define the topic. The definition must be to the point, meaningful and absolute. Remember, you are bound to define the topic only. Explaining the topic is not demanded in this section.


4. Purpose of writing

Categorically tell the targeted audience what makes you put your pen to paper to compose a lengthy exemplification essay regarding a particular topic. It will help the readers to know the answers to their unasked questions.


5.Thesis statement

Professional writers consider this statement as the backbone of the text in the essay. The whole content revolves around this essay. It is the crux of the topic. However, a writer has to make it intriguing, concise, and fascinating. Only then a writer can raise a curiosity in the reader's mind. Consequently, the targeted audience will urge to read the content further to explore all details regarding the topic.


Putting down a compelling thesis statement is a crucial stage in academic writing. It has great unique importance. For this purpose, a neophyte writer has to fight tooth and nail. Learning essay writing service skills is neither a work cut out for you nor as simple as ABC. It merely demands students go into overdrive to make the opening of the essay interesting.


Essay writing has become a mandatory subject in educational institutes. It is related not only to literature subjects but also to science, fiction, and non-fiction courses. It helps in highlighting the subtle features of particular topics. It develops a habit of research and reading-writing habits as well. Another major significance of academic writing is that it polishes writing skills and boosts confidence in students to express their thoughts and ideas significantly.


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