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Bobi Pins is a game-changer: 12 shades of bobby pins and counting

Bobi Pins, a company that is looking to build the best bobby pins to match every shade of hair, is changing the game by offering the most shades of any bobby pins to match actual hair colors. The company is the first bobby pin company to come out with all-inclusive shades. “We offer 12 shades to blend seamlessly with every hair color. The everyday bobby pin in every shade”, said Jennifer Kogon, the founder of Bobi Pins.


The everyday bobby pin available in 12 shades, color-matched to blend seamlessly with just about every shade of hair. All the customer has to do is select their shade; one can go a shade lighter or darker, or dare to be bold and pick a contrasting color that stands out.


While articulating the uniqueness of their bobby pins, Jennifer Kogon said they are offering 12 shades of bobby pins, the most colors offered by any other hair accessory brand, and soon,they will be introducing even more. She added that they use universal hair color levels, just like hair colorists use, to match their bobby pins to actual hair colors.


“This makes it easier to select your matching bobby pins according to your hair color number. If you don't know it, no worries, just use our color-match guide or ask your stylist”, added Kogon.


Kogon noted that their bobby pins are of premium quality and their classic wavy style bobby pins are made with the highest quality of rust-resistant steel and are nickel-free. Each pin is double-coated with a smooth glossy finish that won't fade, and rubber-tipped ball ends so they won't poke the user when applying.


“It's time for the most commonly used hair accessory in history to be color-matched to actual hair shades”, said Kogon while adding that bobby pins are perfect for all the favorite hairstyles like buns, up-do's, half up-do's, braids, ponytails, and those very tricky hairstyles. On its use,Kogonsays, you need to grab a bobby pin and hold it upward with the opening at the top.


Place a small section of hair between the prongs while weaving the bobby pin through the hair until it reaches the curved end, then angle the opening downward. One useful tip in the use of the bobby pins is to make sure that while applying the bumpy side is placed down towards the scalp to firmly grip the hair better for a non-slip hold.


About Bobi Pins


Bobi Pins is creating the best everyday bobby pin to match every shade of hair.A gamer changer, the company is offering the most shades of any bobby pins to match actual hair colors.


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