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The Value of Confidence in a Remote Workplace

When you’re part of a 100% remote workplace, there’s no way around regular, effective communication. Whether you like it or not, video meetings, emails, and conference calls are integral parts of the remote groove.


If you lack the confidence to interact with other people, jump on a call, or speak out during a video meeting, you’re up for some serious trouble.


Don’t get us wrong, not everybody has to be a “people person.” That would be very boring and extremely annoying, don’t you think?


True confidence means that you’re willing to push against natural inclinations and challenge yourself to take initiative. Think about that next time you dial in to a meeting or pick up the phone. 


Confidence Drives Positive Change


Putting Thackeray’s words into perspective, there’s no change without the tenacity to against the grain and challenge the status quo.


Not sure where to start?


Let’s say your team has a tradition of running hour-long video meetups. They’re repetitive, boring, and unproductive. But nobody cares.


Would you rather stick with the herd and waste more time or find a solution?


The motion doesn’t have to be big. You can volunteer to write a more concise agenda or suggest quick sync-up meetings instead. Only action can drive change.


Confidence Boosts Productivity


Confidence and productivity? Well, it turns out that the two can mix into a potent and highly volatile concoction.


The more you trust your ability to get work done, the less likely you are to put that work off. Even if you end up facing failure or criticism (more on that in a bit), you know that you’ve given it all you had.


When you’re aware of your strengths and weaknesses, you set more realistic deadlines, don’t stall decisions or shun responsibility.


Confidence grounded in competence helps you take initiative, make better professional and personal choices, be there for your team members before they even ask.


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