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Business Credit VIP Program: Empower Business Group Launches New Funding Service in Preparation for

December 31, 2020 –The entire entrepreneurial landscape has not really changed when it comes to obtaining funding but because of Covid-19, a lot of business owners today are trying to stay afloat. They need business capital to run their business because without business funding, it is impossible to run a business.


Empower Business Group is launching a new service that will assist start up entrepreneurs and take their idea and make their business an income producing company.


“Fewer than 10% of all entrepreneurs know about how true business credit is established,” said Cecelia Nowlin, owner & Founder Empower Business Group and who’s also a Startup Coach and Public Speaker.


“As a business owner establishing and building credit is essential to your business,” she added.


The biggest obstacle entrepreneurs often face is finding funding for their business. 18 years ago when Nowlin started her own company, she had no business experience and with not so good personal credit. That is where her passion for working with new business owners started.


“One thing I did have was a dream. I fought for my business success. One day I needed funding for my company. So I went to my bank to apply for a loan for my business. The same bank that I thought I had a relationship with said no. And these were the same banks who I regularly deposited large checks into my business account,” said Nowlin.


“I was good enough for them to allow me to deposit money into their bank but not grant me loan I need for my business,” she commented.


She knew from experience that starting a business is not a walk in the park. With her expertise, businesses can have the tools they need to start from the ground up. From developing business systems to training and education, marketing and branding, Nowlin is there to help clients create a clearer vision for their ultimate business success.


With the launch of this new service, Empower Business Group is providing entrepreneurs with the quickest and easiest way to get business funding without using their SSN.


“According to SBA 46%of business owners use their personal credit cards for business expenses,” Nowlin said.


The EBG Team will assist entrepreneurs and startups in building their companies’ credit regardless of their personal credit. They can also help them get immediate initial trade vendors and funding to build their initial business credit.


So if you want your company to move from where it is now to where you want to be, Empower Business Group can help you reach the success you want for your business.



Cecelia Nowlin

Author/Start up coach/Public Speaker



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Joe James (waleedsattar5): edited 7/18/2022 2:16am

VIP professional group of business employers launches this new funding service to promote IT companies and they give credit to good personnel. They also create resume writing services for benefit of beginners in order to provide new opportunities for business funding.